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Why you should go to Thailand, NOW

Since the word go, we've been on an eternal love affair with our absolute favourite, Thailand. For one, the words 'grey, sh1t and miserable' don't crop up within it's dictionary, the food isn't luke warm and sloppy (thanks mum) and we don't have to wear eight layers of clothes to be able to actually go outside. (Unless you're Aussie, and if you are YOU'RE SO LUCKY AND YOUR BRITISH MATES HATE YOUR GOOD FORTUNE)

If we weren't making dreams come true on a daily basis, we'd be off RIGHT NOW. As...

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8 reasons why your home life is just plain harsh

Travelling ruins your life. Why? Because it just makes everything at home seem too damn boring.

Travelling, we love to hate you. Why?!

1) Porridge vs pad thai. With lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, we know what we'd rather be eating; spices n' all.

2) Even when the sun shines in the UK (which let's face it, isn't now) it's never as bright as it is in Thailand. F***.

3) We love feeling sand inbetween our toes, not murky puddles that have leaked into our favourite boots. Soggy feet ain't...

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13 Reasons To Go Travelling RIGHT NOW

It's damp. It's cold. We often feel like we're going to blow over from the ridiculous gusts of wind which pick up on Brighton seafront and frankly, we're looking for the warm again. Fear not guys, we've 280103 other reasons why you should ditch it all, and go. Now.

1) Sorry to break it to you, but... you look a bit pasty. A bit of colour in your cheeks would do you the world of good (all of team RG are as white as sheets and it's just not right)
2) Because home's always going to be here: Is...

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Top 13 Giveaways That You Were a 90's Kid

It's the 90s: you made finger 'S's, sung about 'Jo having the flo' (what even does that meaaaaaan?) and you reached for the stars on numerous occasions. Fast forward 15 years, and S Club 7 are BACK and going on tour. How old does that make you feel?!

This had Team RG thinkin': what's the ultimate 90's kid trait? There's a fair few, and if you are one you probably did this at some point in your early life...

1) I WANT THAT! The collect and swap culture: We wanted every Beanie Baby under the...

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Christmas... On the Beach?

Not sure whether you want to spend Christmas in the UK this year? Let us introduce you to Sam, RG's Product Exec, who spent last Christmas in the scorchin' Australia! (We're not sure our turkey leftovers will ever look the same again...)

I' d planned to spend the whole year working and living in Australia, so I always knew that I would have to spend a Christmas away from home. After 25 years of tradition (all of the extended family packed into my parent’s house for a day of eating, drinking,...

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Top 7 Reasons to Do Christmas Like a Boss

It's November. It's cold. It's windy, and it's wet.


Luckily here at Real Gap HQ, we have the know-how. We do these things on a regular basis:

- We wear a lot of black in the winter, as it feels just that little bit warmer than any other colour

- We have our tea shaken, not stirred

- Running off into the sunset. It's fun and feels dramatic; leaving your house at the crack of dawn just doesn't feel right

 So, in short we're basically qualified to tell you as to...

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RG's Hannah in Africa: Botswana and Namibia

RG's Hannah is putting us all to shame by spending months on end in the beautiful Africa. The next step of her journey? Botswana and Namibia!

'I got to spend just on 2 weeks in Botswana and Nambia. 

We travelled to the Okavango Delta in Botswana and spent two days camping on the edge of it. Again, the weather was great. My biggest regret was not doing a small plane flight over the Delta to see its sheer size and the animal herds from above - so if you get a chance, make sure you do! Not much...

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#DanUnder - Real Gap's Dan Goes Down Under

Last month Real Gap's Dan said 'bye' to Brighton, and 'HELLO' to Melbourne as he made the move over to join our Australian team. Thing is, Dan hadn't actually been to Australia before.... (eeek)

We all knew that Dan would LOVE Melbourne. Surprise surprise, he's in love with the joint. (Check him out with one of our resident Aussies, Real Gap's Alicia!). We thought we'd check in with Dan to see how he's been getting on #DanUnder (we're PROUD of that one, we must admit!).

Hiya Dan! We're so...

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RG's Hannah in Africa: Her African 'Gap Year'

Back in July, RG's Hannah flew the nest (aka, our Australian office) to go on an ? long 'gap year' in Africa. To find out about the INCREDIBLE adventures she's had so far, check out the below!
Hey there guys and welcome! 
Hannah here from the Real Gap in Australia. Having packed up my life back home for a bit, I am currently travelling around Africa. I am exploring the South before relocating to Kenya. I have travelled from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to Cape Town, South Africa in 21 days and...
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RG's Chris on Cambodia

Here in the RG office, we're all obsessed with travel and Chris is no exception. After living in Cambodia for seven months we can well and truly say that he is the Real Gap Cambodia expert - he never stops talking about his favourite country!

To celebrate the launch of the all new Cambodia Experience, we thought we'd ask Chris about all of his favourite Cambodian things. Be prepared for inspiration central! (Can we all go now please...) 

What's the main thing you love about Cambodia?

There's so...

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