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Christmas Is Coming...

Unbelievably, it's come around to 'that' time of year again. The packed out Oxford Streets, the manic mums and the incessant Christmas music- it's 'Mariah' this and 'I'm Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' that, and we're thinking this year, us Real Gappers are going to get Real-ly prepared! Hoorah! 

To kick off the Christmas season with a smash in the baubly Tree, we wanted to put together a Christmas list full of all things Real Gap so if any of you lovely lot want to buy us a gift or two, you'd know where to head first (we're joking, of course- it's to inspire travel people the world over!).

Our list does revolve around going away/travel stuff, but you weren't expecting anything less, right? Hey what can we say, we're obsessed!

It's Christmas list time, baby!

· We want a passport full of passport stamps (the moment you need to trade in your oldie because your pages are full is when you know you've absolutely MADE it in your travel life. We need this. Now.)

· A flight to Bangkok. We want to go wild on our Thailand Experience! Four weeks of kick arse adventure? Yes please!

· A suitcase which magically has compartments galore, and so we can pack our whole lives away with us when we head off to pastures new *fantasy posting, not sure it'll ever happen*

· A hat that has sunglasses attached so we'll never lose our specs *again, a fantasy post. Sad times*

· A swift week long trip to California so we can explore the glamorous life on our 7 day Western BLT Tour. We love a bit of LA, us. (Mum, Dad, brother, sister- this one's for you!)

· An everglowing tan, which just happens with no effort involved. Unfortunately some of us Real Gappers are a little pasty. Maybe we need a bottle of fake bake to get the glow going?

Unfortunately when you work in the travel world, you want to go everywhere- but we're thinking a RTW ticket is a little too much to ask for, right? We're going to be writing a fair few Christmas posts on the blog over the upcoming weeks, but as always we'll still be dishing you up some honest, travel goodness in between. Cheers!

*Image courtesy of Wikicommons. 

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