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Coming Back From A Big Trip

As you may have seen on Twitter, Real Gap travelled around Asia just after Christmas. We had a FANTASTIC time! But what's it like coming back from adventures galore to the daily 9/5 afterwards? Hard!

Stewing on a sunbed on the last day of your summer holiday is the worst thing ever. 'I have to go back to normal life now' we all think as we relax in the last of our 30 degree spree and sup on our tropical cocktail. Times that by ten and that's what it's like coming home from a trip which has seen you from country to country, plane to plane, and from one adventure to another! 

We got back on Saturday and the following day we were in disbelief. It had taken us months to organise our adventure, and before we knew it it was here, we were there, and then IT was gone! Sad times. Quite like the orangutan in the above snap, we felt like we were hangin' and in serious limbo!

But on Monday back at work in the Real Gap office, all was well again! Granted, it is heartbreaking coming back from somewhere you love, but when you do get back to reality not only will you have memories that'll last a lifetime (imagine what the grand kids will say?!) and amazing new friends, you can also start booking your next adventure too! As all of us Real Gappers know, once you've got the travel bug you've got it hard.

As we all LOVE travel here, we're always sharing travel tales. Now we all want to go everywhere! Once you realise what's actually out there, it makes coming home that little bit more bareable; gotta have our creature comforts too right? After all, 'home is where the heart is but travel is what makes life REALLY exciting!' - (quote, RG office, circa 16.01.13)

Book one of our amazing trips and you'll get the travel bug hard! Real Gap take thousands of people each year around the world and 2013 is your year to see what's really out there! Find out more at

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