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New Cheetah Cub at Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

This morning, our friends over at the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary sent over adorable photos of baby cheetah Cubby.

Cubby, who was originally named Lorraine until his real gender became clear, was found by a farmer in Namibia in November. He was then taken to the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary where he will now live; unfortunately, he cannot be released into the wild as he has become used to humans and has therefore lost his fear of them.

The staff at the sanctuary have built Cubby his own small camp just outside the staff accommodation as he needs to be monitored at all times, and he sleeps in staff members Elzette and Deborah’s bedroom as it still gets quite cold at night. He usually behaves very well and sleeps in his cage now, although a few times he has been a bit naughty and urinated on the beds or nibbled on a hand or foot…

He spends the day in his camp, where he loves to play with his teddy, and the staff frequently visit him and play with him so he does not get bored. He is also taken up to a larger camp once a day so he has more space to run around; he loves climbing on trees and running around as any cub would do.

All together now: Aaaaahhhh!

If you’d like to meet Cubby ‘in person’ and work with the other cheetahs at the wildlife sanctuary, as well as the range of other wildlife in Namibia (including baboons, lions and leopards), book your place on the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary project now – with the trip now discounted by over £100, places are going quickly.

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