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Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Hiya, it's Sophie again! Loving Northern Aus; been checking out all the local sites and have so much to tell you guys!

With a heavy heart, I have just left the most incredible city- Melbourne. Whilst I've absolutely loved living here, the East Coast- with its beautiful beaches and quirky little towns, are begging to be explored! And because I love being extreme I decided the best place to go after 6 months of living in a bohemian city would be the depths of a tropical rainforest- sharing my sleeping quarters with fresh and salt water crocodiles, kangaroos, dingos, and a whole host of other animals that Australia seems to accommodate!

We stayed at the Daintree Wild B&B, which was a fantastic location for 2 nights as it completely submerged you in wildlife, whether it meant being woken at 5am from the wallaby which kept slamming itself into the fence outside your room, or by the 8.30 feeding of the crocodiles, where (dead) wild boar were greedily caught up by their awaiting jaws!

Whilst in Daintree, we also headed to the beautiful Cape Tribulation, which is where Captain Cook (who is memorialised upon thousands of street names in Australia), sailed his sinking ship and hence discovered the land we now know as 'Down Under'! We also popped into the Australian version of Miami (Port Douglas), which is a cool town and a mecca for those of you on working holidays!

If you’re up this way, definitely check out the rainforest! It's a brilliant place to really explore, whether it's croc spotting or swinging off vines Tarzan style that takes your fancy! After your initial costs, nature is your (free) playground...

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