It's time for Africa! | Real Gap Blog

It's time for Africa!

If you're a regular reader of the Real Gap blog (and if you're not, you're positively crazy...) we've been dishing out discounts galore over the last few weeks. Not only have we slashed the prices on trips to Asia and the Americas, but it's now time to add the third A to the crazy sale team- Africa!

One of our star Real Gappers, Danielle (as pictured in the photos) is an African obsessive, and for good reason too. She toured all over the continent for three months in July, and she's come back with so many amazing stories that we all want to go too! 

As our last continent of offers, we've upped our game and slashed up to 25% off some of our top Africa experiences- from our 'Big 5 and Wildlife' to 'South Africa Surf and Volunteers' experiences. The question is, which one will you choose this festive season? We want to ditch the UK and do them all!

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