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Leaving for South Africa!

Hi, it's Charlie here! I'm one of Real Gap's Travel Advisors, and I'm going on a trip to South Africa next week to drop in on some of our trips...

I’m off to S Africa on Saturday, today is Wednesday and in typical fashion I spent my weekend having fun, and now need to get everything done in my lunch breaks!!

My list? I’ve just been to bank, sorted my phone and ended up calling both to make sure they know I’m in South Africa, so I can use my phone and my bank card abroad (...organised just happens to be my middle name!). I’ve also just ordered some more memory and an extra battery for my camera, hoping the memory cards arrive before Friday!

Next stop is for money, I’m taking my bank card to draw money out abroad, and also have Caxton FX card which is what I’ll use, but I always feel a bit more secure with some cash so I’ve changed about £50 into South Africa Rand.

I was organised enough to see the doctor a month ago about jabs, and only needed a booster (please note you should probably do this 6 weeks before if you’ve not had jabs before or don’t know what you’ve had).

That is it for now, next job is packing, but I’ve got until Saturday morning for that so plenty of time! I’ve already got my luggage, should I go suitcase or backpack? BACKPACK all the way!

Follow along with Charlie's adventures in South Africa live over on Twitter. Look out for the #RealGapdoesSAfrica feed!

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