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So, what exactly is the Ultimate Year Out?

Last year Real Gap held a MASSIVE competition to win the 'Ultimate Year Out', and after submitting a video entry and going through rounds of voting, Melissa and Becky were the lucky two. What did they win? A year long Round The World trip on us! So without further ado, here's how the girls are getting on...

Hello there!

Less then a week to go and we've just arrived at the Real Gap and i-to-i office getting all the info for the trip.  We've met the team and tomorrow we'll get our aussie working visa sorted.

First stop on our trip is Thailand, where we'll have a few days in Bangkok before heading to Surin to start the volunteering part of the trip, at a day centre for underprivileged children. We've also got the weekends free to explore and live like a local.

As its our last week in the UK, its a bit of a mixed bag of emotions! I (Becky) have been travelling before so I'm a bit less nervous as I know what to expect.  I'm now just really excited to get started, especially surfing in Australia.

Melissa is equally excited, but with a bit more nerves thrown in, mainly from her Mum!  I'm sure once we're out there, and she can see all the amazing things we're getting up to on our blog, she'll relax! There are so many parts of the trip that its difficult to pick just one thing we're most looking forward to, however, the USA experience is pretty high up on my list.

The tick list of things to do before travelling seems to be getting longer, but hopefully everything will be sorted by Monday! Trial run of packing on Saturday, followed by a bag weigh in to check its not too heavy, and a scramble to fit in the essentials, then we're good to go.

Watch this space for the latest on our trip, we'll keep you posted!

Melissa and Becky.

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