Want to intern with us? (Obv answer: Yes please!) | Real Gap Blog

Want to intern with us? (Obv answer: Yes please!)

This role has now closed!

So, you want to work in travel? With cool, interesting, globe trotting people? Well your luck is in my friend, as we have an internship vacancy here with Real Gap/i to i! Wahay!

The lucky intern will be working around the office taking on a variety of jobs, from outbound brochure call out, to customer support to marketing. You'll become a jack of all trades, and during your time with us you'll learn absolutely tonnes on our companies, the industry, and gap year travel! What more could you possibly want from life itself? (Your CV will be a gold mine too, that's for sure).

The hours are 9-5:30, and we're based in the ever so (Royal) Tunbridge Wells, which is about an hour outside from London. We're not far from the train station, so there's nothing to worry about on that front either! The role is paid- £400 a calendar month on a temporary basis, but of course the main purpose of this role is not for the cash, it's for the amazing amount of experience you're going to get from our travel gurus!

To apply for this brilliant role, hit us up at ben.finan@realgap.com with your CV and a cover letter. Impress us! 


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