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We've gotten all rotten...

Nerves of steel? Brave beyond belief? If the thought of ghosts and ghouls sends you into a laughing fit (cheers, Casper...) then it’s time you became acquainted with Real Gap’s activity list of doom*. Ditch the Halloween costumes, and have a look at our terrifying trips. Swimming with white sharks, anyone?

Mozambique Whale Shark Conservation

If the thought of Jaws sent shivers down your spine as a wee nipper, then (duh-na, duh-na, duh-na) this is the real thing! As a part of an epic conservation team, you’ll be documenting the sharks every move, from their individual behaviour to what they hunted down for breakfast that very morning. No fried eggs and bacon for the teethy tyrants though, within the warm waters of Mozambique it’s all about the terrific and the tropical.

Get snap happy in the warm waters of Mozambique with this terrifying experience.

Dominate the American Rockies

Camping overnight in the Wild West, you’ll wake up in the heart of the American rockies, with Yellowstone and wildlife galore at your grasp. Learn to lasso, ditch the highways for trusty horseback and gather cattle until you’ve earnt your stars and stripes as a real American cowboy. Yee-ha!

‘There’s a snake in my boots’- and there could be one in yours too! Real Gap’s USA ranch adventure ensures weeks of Wild, Wild West fun!

‘Everybody was kung-fu fighting’

Jackie Chan, the world’s greatest Kung Fu hero, had to start from somewhere. Hidden within the ancients realms of China, become his prodigy by learning from the greats in a real Kung Fu school and become a high flying, brick breaking Kung Fu master (I’ve heard that Karate Kid is already quaking in his boots/bare feet).

Jackie Who? Kung Fu admirers can take on the art during this RealGap experience.

K-onquer Kilimanjaro

Are you a man-jaro, or a mouse? Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and with the Real Gap experts leading the way you’ll be hiking through lush rainforest and sparse moorland to then trek up the mountain side to reach the pinnacle of your travels. Remember to bring your best walking boots though, it’s a toughie! (Suddenly the gym has become very appealing...)

Kilimanjaro is within your reach, have a look at the trip in more detail here.

Will you be taking on any of our scary 'speriences?

*Beware, these activities are not suitable for scaredy cats.

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