Burma / Myanmar

Burma / Myanmar

Still as mysterious as ever, Burma remains Asia’s last undiscovered gem – making it the perfect destination for those of you looking for a kick ass gap year! As the country's still hiding within the realms of its previous ‘off limits’ demeanour, you'll be able to discover incredible temples, lakes, scenery and ancient treasure without the 'tourist buzz' getting in the way. This is authentic Asia at it's best and with Real Gap, we'll uncover this incredible country from top to bottom!

Make sure you don’t miss the ancient city of Bagan, one of Burma’s top tourist sites. From the 9th to 13th centuries the city was the former capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, which later was the first area to unify to become the modern Myanmar. This spot is packed to the brim with temples galore and is iconic within the Burmese landscape. You have to head here to catch the sunset!

Inle Lake is a marvel. At 13.5 miles long and 7 miles wide, expect to see fisherman hovering over the lake on one leg, snatching their catch of the day using their traditional methods. 

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