Cuba is fast becoming one of the top destinations to visit in the Caribbean and for a number of valid reasons. Other than it being a winter sun favourite, it is also a country of stunning natural beauty, rich culture and has one of the most interesting political histories of any country in the world. Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, Cuba was a Spanish colony for more than 400 years and has some of the finest preserved colonial architecture of anywhere in Latin America. In addition it has no less than 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 7 cultural and 2 natural with a further 3 sites awaiting consideration.


In the last half a century Cuba has been catapulted into the political limelight as a result of the famous Cuban Revolution in 1953 led by Fidel Castro and the now iconic Che Guevarra, resulting in the ensuing embargo that remains in place today between Cuba and the US. 


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