Kilimanjaro climb - Machame Route

£2,400, 9 days, Tanzania Trip code: YKXA

  • Adventure 5 out of 5
  • Relaxation 1 out of 5
  • Culture 3 out of 5
Kilimanjaro - Machame RouteKilimanjaro - Machame RouteKilimanjaro - Machame Route

Trip Highlights

  • Ascending up through the clouds and feeling on top of the world!
  • Seeing the sunrise at Stella Point
  • Climbing the Barranco Wall
  • Star gazing in the awesome night's sky and sharing stories with your fellow climbers
  • Getting to know the porters and joining in with their singing and dancing
  • Feeling a huge sense of acheivement when you reach the summit!

Trip Summary

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Trek the amazing Machame Route to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest point. At high altitude, it's a challenging journey through uniquely varied terrain. Camp out at night and enjoy incredible scenery along the way. Then at the very top of Uhuru Peak, rising 5,896m above sea level, feel the exhilaration of achievement and marvel at the incredible views.

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What will I be doing?

  • 8 Itinerary (8 days)

8 Itinerary: 8 days

Destination info

Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania but right on its border with Kenya. So if wildlife’s your thing you’ll want to know that you’re very close to several world-famous national parks – Serengeti, Tarangire, Tsavo, Chyulu Hills and Maasai Mara – as well as Kilimanjaro National Park itself. You’re quite close to Nairobi too. And that’s in addition to all the delights that Tanzania and Kenya have to offer gap year travellers – check out our destination info for these two countries.

  • Location: Tanzania

Day 1 Marangu
Nestled on the slopes of mighty Mt Kilimanjaro, this lively town boasts views of snow-capped mountains and is a great base for exploring the surrounding area.
Day 2 Machame Camp
Start with a pleasant stroll through the rainforest, where many species of brightly coloured birds can be seen, before setting up camp at Machame for your first night on Kilimanjaro.
Day 3 Shira Camp
Leave the rainforest and watch as the vegetation grows sparser on the path to the Shira Plateau. Spend the night camping on the edge of the plateau and be treated to a golden sunset over the snow-dusted peaks of Kibo.
Day 4 Barranco Camp
Continue through the rolling landscape and deep river valleys on the way to more rugged areas of the mountain.

Day 5 Karanga Valley 

Prepare your body for the summit climb ahead with an acclimatisation day at Karanga Valley. After a morning of scenic walking along the Kibo South Circuit, arrive at the valley camp in time to eat your lunch by the river. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon savouring the stunning surrounds.

Day 6 Barafu Camp
Trek through fascinating dry desert terrain and ascend further on the way to Barranco Camp. Witness the contrast between the craggy landscape of the mountain and the spectacular views of the Heim, Kersten and Rebmann glaciers above.
Day 7 Uhuru Peak/Summit
Grab a midnight feast and head off before dawn to watch the sunrise at Stella Point and pass by Rebmann Glacier. Make the final push to the peak and be rewarded with incredible views that accompany the feat of conquering Africa’s highest mountain - a life-changing experience.
Days 8-9 Marangu
Return to the base of the Mountain where our adventure comes to an end back at Marangu.

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Minimum age

Minimum age 18 years old.



Camping (with basic facilities), Hotel


Group Size
Maximum of 12 travellers per group


Travelling at Altitude
This trip goes above 2800 metres / 9200 feet where it is common for travellers to experience some adverse effects in their health due to the altitude. Please see further information on Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) and High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE).


Tour Operator

This tour is operated by Intrepid Travel.


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Kilimanjaro climb - Machame Route

India Hewitt - July 2016

How would you rate your overall experience?
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Unforgettable experience and one I would recommend everyone to do. Doesn't matter how fit you are, you can do it! It is much more about mental tenacity that physical fitness. Throw yourself into the experience and go for it!

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What were the highlights of your trip?

The main highlight would have to be the amazing people that I met. I went out as a single traveller and wouldn't have changed anything, everyone was so welcoming. I was in a group of 8, age ranging fro me the youngest at 18 to a man of 67, 50/50 split gender wise and ended up with 4 Brits and 4 Aussies. As well as the people I hiked with I loved meeting the porters and guides. The porters are all lovely and so helpful, as well as the guides who know anything and everything there is to know about Kili, they've grown up on this mountain. Another highlight has to be how incredibly beautiful Kili is. It is amazing how the scenery changes as you climb, starts very green like a rainforest and gets more barren and desolate the higher you get. It is a really stunning place, incredibly scenic, and a very rewarding thing to do. Strongly recommend doing it in aid of a charity or cause that is personal to you. A surprising highlight would have to be the food! I prepared myself for pretty terrible camping food but I could not have been more wrong. Every morning we ad omelettes, sausages, porridge, toast and hot drinks. W e were given a great packed lunch filled with chicken legs, biscuits, rolls, crisps etc. After a days walking there was always hot drinks and popcorn waiting for us in the food tent and dinner varied from Spaghetti Bolognese to curry to stews and always had fresh fruit for dessert.

Do you have 3 top tips for future travellers?

1 - Try to get there a day early if you can. Gives you some time to get over jet lag and tiredness and also allows you to explore Kilimanjaro at ground level which is a really scenic and stunning place. If you do make sure to go to the Kilasiya Waterfall and explore the Chagga Caves. 2 - Bring lots of thermals! I definitely underestimated how cold it gets at the top, and be prepared for possible snow storms on summit night. 3 - Take loads of videos as well as photos. I found that photos can't quite capture how impressive a place it is so make sure to take lots of photos!

Kilimanjaro climb - Machame Route2016-07-13


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