South Africa Childcare Volunteers

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  • Culture 3 out of 5
South Africa Child Development VolunteersSouth Africa Child Development VolunteersSouth Africa Child Development Volunteers

Trip Highlights


  • Help young children learn new skills which will lead them to a brighter future
  • Visit Cape Town – the Mother City of South Africa
  • Get an insight into life in a South African Township

Trip Summary

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This is one our most rewarding South Africa volunteer programmes which gives you the opportunity to really make a difference to lives of the children at the centre. This volunteer programme is based at Doreen’s Creche, a well established Childcare Centre in the Masiphumelele Township, near Cape Town. The centre takes care of over 50 children aged from three to six years during the day whilst their parents go out to work.


Only 45 minutes from the centre of Cape Town, Masiphumelele is a deprived area with many of it's inhabitants living in poverty. Your enthusiasm and time can help motivate the local children in learning the important skills to lead them towards a brighter future.

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What will I be doing?

  • Volunteer Role (2 to 6 Weeks)

  • Your Typical Itinerary (2 to 6 Weeks)

Volunteer Role: 2 to 6 Weeks

Next Leg

Destination info


Your project is based in Masiphimelele, which comes from a Xhosa word which translates to ‘We will suceed’. It is a township located between Noordhoek, Capri Village and Kommetjie; only 5km in distance and approximately 15 minutes by public transport away from our volunteer house in Fish Hoek.
You will be staying in the seaside town of Fish Hoek, a short walk from the beautiful Fish Hoek beach and about a 45 minute drive from Cape Town. Cape Town itself is a vibrant city with plenty to see, do and experience in your free time from admiring the view from the top of Table Mountain, hunting out a bargain in one the craft markets or visiting the infamous Robben Island.
  • Location: Masiphumelele


Started in 1994, Dorreens Creche has developed into a large childcare centre and has over 50 young children aged between three and six years old. The centre is open between 6.30am to 5.30pm to allow the parents to work and earn an income and helps prepare the children with the skills they need for primary school education.
You will get involved with a range of activities - assisting the teachers playing games, supervising the miniature playground and will have the opportunity to read stories with the children. You will also help the staff with the general organisation of the centre such as painting, gardening and cleaning. You may even get the chance to help with fundraising and day trips.
There may be times when you will work on a one to one basis or in small groups with the children.  The staff are limited to giving the individual attention to the children that they deserve and need and so the children really benefit from this personal interaction.
Your typical working hours will be from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 12.30pm. However, if you are able to give more of your time to the centre, your extra help will be greatly appreciated!

Your Typical Itinerary: 2 to 6 Weeks

Destination info


Your project is based in Masiphimelele, which comes from a Xhosa word which translates to ‘We will suceed’. It is a township located between Noordhoek, Capri Village and Kommetjie; only 5km in distance and approximately 15 minutes by public transport away from our volunteer house in Fish Hoek.
You will be staying in the seaside town of Fish Hoek, a short walk from the beautiful Fish Hoek beach and about a 45 minute drive from Cape Town. Cape Town itself is a vibrant city with plenty to see, do and experience in your free time from admiring the view from the top of Table Mountain, hunting out a bargain in one the craft markets or visiting the infamous Robben Island.
  • Location: Masiphumelele


Day 1 (Monday) - Arrive into Cape Town 
On arrival you will be met at the airport and taken to our volunteer house in Fish Hoek, which is approximately 45 minutes away. You will then have your orientation that will take you through what it’s going to be like at your project - dos and don’ts, how to stay safe etc.  This is your prime opportunity to ask any burning questions that you may still have. After the orientation you’ll have an evening meal and some time to relax and prepare before your first day at the project (Day 2).
Day 2 (Tuesday) - Visit your project
Our in-country team will take you to your project so that you know where you are going, what you will be doing, as well as the most important part - meeting the staff and children. Be prepared to have a child hanging on your every limb and on every word you say as they get to know you in their own way!
Day 3 -5 (Wednesday to Friday) - Start volunteering
The children that you will be with are at the centre so that their parents can go out and work, and the older kids are preparing themselves for starting schools. By spending time with English speakers the children at the centre will be able to improve their language skills, which will lead to a better education and therefore better jobs. Just by spending time with these children you will help give them a better chance in life!
Day 6-7 (Saturday and Sunday) - Free time
The weekends are your free time to spend as you please. There is so much to see and do in and around Cape Town, you'll never be stuck for things to do; as well as visiting some of the areas famous attractions etc, you may also just like to chill out at the beach, go shopping in the many local craft markets, visit the cinema or go to the nearby internet cafe to catch up on emails. The choice is yours! 
Following weeks 
You will be volunteering at the project Mondays to Fridays, 09H00 – 12H30, with your weekends free to relax or explore!
Your last day 
Having said goodbye to all your new friends you’ll transfer back to the airport on this day. The return transfer cost from Fish Hoek to Cape Town International is not covered within your project fee, but using our regular transfer company this will cost you approx US$40 / 300 Rand.

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What's included?

  • Arrival airport transfer
  • Accommodation
  • In-country orientation
  • Local in-country team
  • 24hr emergency support

What's not included?

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Return Airport transfer
  • Local Transport
  • Food

Additional Information & FAQs

Minimum age

Minimum age 18, maximum decided on health and fitness of participant.


Minimum numbers required on this trip

There are no minimum numbers on the trip.

Please note: you may be the only volunteer at your chosen project at any one time. However, each of our Cape Town volunteer projects share the same accommodation. Therefore, if there are volunteers on our other programmes you will be able to spend your spare time and evenings with them. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us



During your time in Cape Town you'll be staying in our lovely volunteer house in the small seaside town of Fish Hoek. The house has 3 bathrooms that include western style toilets and hot water. Bedrooms in the house are dormitory style with up to 6 volunteers sharing a room. There are also a number of communal areas including a comfortable lounge with sofas, table where you can eat your meals and a lovely balcony and garden area with BBQ, swimming pool and flatlet! While in the house you will be responsible for keeping the place clean so please tidy up after yourself, especially in the kitchen.


There are lockers in the accommodation where you will be able to store valuable but you will need to bring your own padlock and keys. Additionally you will need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow case, towels as these are not provided. You should also make sure you bring warm clothes with you, particularly if you are travelling during the South African winter months, when it can get particularly cold.There isn't a washing machine at the house but there is a laundry close by where you can get your clothes cleaned at your own cost.


A Supermarket, shops, internet cafe, laundry and bank are all close to the volunteer house so you’ll be able to shop either in your lunch-break or after your days volunteering.


Please note that there is a security deposit that will need to be paid to the in-country team on arrival so please make sure you have budgeted for this. The deposit needs to be paid in your local currency and needs to be the equivalent of R1000. Your deposit will be returned when you leave the accommodation at the end of your project as long everything is left as you found it.




Your time in Cape Town is on a self-catering basis (apart from the evening meal on the first night). There is a kitchen complete with cookers, loads of fridge space, microwave, toaster and other kitchen utensils that you can use to cook tasty meals to enjoy in the large dining area. However if you are feeling a little lazy, why not order takeaway instead!


We recommend that you budget around R600 (South African Rand) per week for groceries, as prices are similar to home. However if you choose to eat out or buy takeaways regularly, this will be more expensive and you will need to budget accordingly.


Advice & Safety

Throughout your programmes you will have the support and guidance of the programme co-ordinator and team. You will be provided with competent assistance and help with any questions or advice you may need during your stay.


You will be assigned a personal travel advisor who will co-ordinate your programme with you. Feel free to contact them at any time before you go, or when you are on your travels.


In addition, you will have access to a 24 hour emergency contact number so you can contact one of our UK staff at any time should you need to.



1. How old are the children in the creche's?

The children are aged between 3-6 years old.


2. How many volunteers will I be staying with?

We have a fantastic volunteer house in Fish Hoek where all of our volunteers stay who are volunteering on various projects around Cape Town. There is also a volunteer house next door with volunteers from our sister company so there will be plenty of people to relax or go out with at the weekends and in the evenings.


3. How much spending money should I take?

We would recommend budgeting for around £80-£100 per week to cover food, extra activities/tours at the weekends, souvenirs etc. It completely depends on what you are looking to do in your free time!


4. Can I get in touch with other volunteers before I go?

Yes! We provide a 'buddy list' of others email addresses joining you in Cape Town on the same start date.



You have booked a programme which requires an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check to be completed. We can carry this out for you and your travel advisor will explain the charges at the time of booking.

What will I see in South Africa?

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South Africa Childcare Volunteers

Samantha Stonebanks - July 2014

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Working with the children at the crèche was so rewarding. I really feel like I've helped.

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Don't come home wishing regretting the things you didn't do whilst you were there - just do it! Pack for the weather! Go for as long as you possibly can and a bit longer!

South Africa Child Development Volunteers2014-07-14


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