Thailand Building Volunteers

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  • Adventure 3 out of 5
  • Relaxation 2 out of 5
  • Culture 4 out of 5
Volunteer on your gap year in ThailandVolunteer on your gap year in ThailandVolunteer on your gap year in Thailand

Trip Highlights

  • Thailand volunteering is your chance to get stuck into some really practical building and renovation work to help some of the poorest communities in Sangklaburi
  • You can learn new skills and you can sharpen up skills you already have
  • You also have an unmissable opportunity to travel one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia
  • Help with our push to build a new children's home and educational centre for refuge children near the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border

Trip Summary

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Help with a number of worthwhile renovation and building programmes including the development of a new educational centre, renovation of child care centres and the improvemnet of facilities in poor communities near the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border.


Your time volunteering in Thailand is a great opportunity to do something really helpful and really practical in Asia – instead of just thinking about it. You’ll be helping to build and renovate buildings and facilities in the communtiy that are in desperate need of restoration and improvement.


This project often helps with numerous building renovations and improvements that are needed in and around the community, and the precise work at any given time is always led by the communities themselves.


We are also working with our partners in Thailand to build an educational centre for disadvantaged children near the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border in a village called Sangklaburi. With the financial support of Real Gap land has now been purchased where a new educational centre is being built, giving volunteers a chance to really get involved in this worthwhile project. 

When do I want to go?

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18 March 20162 weeks£699AvailableBook now
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15 July 20162 weeks£699AvailableBook now
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2 September 20169 weeks£1,119AvailableBook now
2 September 201610 weeks£1,179AvailableBook now
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16 September 20162 weeks£699AvailableBook now
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What will I be doing?

  • The building project (4 weeks)

  • What you will be doing (4 weeks)

  • Arrival and Orientation (4 days)

  • Time to get stuck in! (Throughout your stay)

The building project: 4 weeks

Next Leg

Destination info

You will be spending your time as a volunteer in Sangklaburi is in NW Thailand on the border with Myanmar (Burma). Sangklaburi is positioned on a 72km long manmade lake fed by the numerous local rivers and waterfalls. The town is surrounded by mountains and creates a picturesque landscape, an idullic location for travellers and volunteers.


There are so many local activities to enjoy from treks in the mountains through to floating down the river on tubes. The local community is a mix of Thai, Hill Tribe and Burmese people; this diversity is seen in the local dress, food and customs. Due to the local poverty and hill tribe and Burmese people are considered stateless, there is a great need for volunteers. The town itself benefits from many local restaurants, internet cafes, mini markets and one bar! It is a great setting to enjoy the best of Thailand; its people and its natural beauty. 

  • Location: Sangklaburi, NW Thailand

While this project often helps with numerous building sites around Sangkhlaburi depending on the needs of the community,  there is a real focus on one particular development; the construction of a new educational centre for a very poor community outside Sangklhaburi.


Sangkhlaburi is a melting pot of different ethnic minorities such as Hill tribes and Burmese refugees that do not have official Thai status and therefore do not have any Thai rights. 


The existing children`s home is a small 3 bedroom house that currently has 37 children staying in it. As you will imagine this is leads to extremely cramped living conditions! The staff at the home have provided these children with the best care they can with the conditions they have been working in, giving them the care and attention that they would otherwise not receive.


Land has been purchased where a new educational facility is being built giving volunteers a chance to really get involved. The project aims to build a facility that will help to improve the future opportunities of people in the community and also to provide, where necessary, overnight accommodation for members of the community. 


This is what has been achieved at the project so far thanks to the help from volunteers:

  • The structure of the new educational centre has been completed
  • Sceptic tank installed
  • Drainage system put in
  • Road from the 'road' to the site has been completed
  • Orchard planted (to provide the centre with fruit)
  • Storage huts built
  • Water tower built

What you will be doing: 4 weeks

Next Leg

Destination info

Thailand is just a beautiful country – outstanding natural gorgeousness, impressive architecture, eye-catching temples, lovely, friendly people and just the best Thai food you ever ate and a lot cheaper than over here.


You will be spending your time as a volunteer in Sangklaburi is in NW Thailand on the border with Myanmar (Burma). Sangklaburi is positioned on a 72 km long manmade lake fed by the numerous local rivers and waterfalls. The town is surrounded by mountains and creates a picturesque landscape, an idyllic location for travellers and volunteers.

  • Location: Sangklaburi, NW Thailand

At the building project there will be various activities for you to get involved in and depending on the time that you arrive you will getting your hands dirty digging the foundations, clearing land, putting up walls, painting, hygiene maintenance such as running water, toilets and washing facilities to creating gardens and play areas.


Please note that individual activities may be affected each month depending on factors such as numbers of volunteers, time of year (as the site will develop over the year), weather so please be flexible - just be ready to get your hands dirty and get involved in whatever needs doing as any contribution you make to this development will be greatly appreciated by both the staff at the home and more importantly the children that live there!


Monday to Thursday you will be helping on site from 8am in the morning till mid afternoon. You will be picked up from your accommodation in the morning and taken to the project and then taken back to your accommodation after you finish. Throughout you days on the project there will be a project coordinator to answer any questions that you may have.

Arrival and Orientation: 4 days

Next Leg

Destination info

Thailand is just a beautiful country – outstanding natural gorgeousness, impressive architecture, eye-catching temples, lovely, friendly people and just the best Thai food you ever ate and a lot cheaper than over here.


You will be spending your time as a volunteer in Sangklaburi is in NW Thailand on the border with Myanmar (Burma). Sangklaburi is positioned on a 72 km long manmade lake fed by the numerous local rivers and waterfalls. The town is surrounded by mountains and creates a picturesque landscape, an idyllic location for travellers and volunteers.

  • Location: Sangklaburi, NW Thailand

Day 1
Welcome to Thailand! You will be met at the airport by one of our great in-country team and taken to your accommodation where you’ll be staying for your first two nights in this beautiful country. In the evening it's time to get your first taste of Bangkok and get to know the people on the project with you so what better way to do this than grab a couple of drinks on the famous Khao San Road.


Day 2
Today you will start the day with a tour of Bangkok where you will have the chance to see some of this stunning city’s highlights. Once you have seen a bit more of what this bustling city has to offer you will have a chance to get to know your fellow volunteers over a welcome meal and one of the in-country team will talk you through your volunteer schedule.


Day 3
Now it’s time to leave the city behind you and travel onto Sangkhlaburi by bus which will take approximately 7 hours, perfect time to chat with your fellow volunteers and marvel at Thailand’s stunning landscapes. Once you arrive into Sangkhlaburi you will be get the opportunity to settle into the volunteer house where you will be staying during the project, before sitting down for your meal and an orientation meeting which will tell you all about your stay.


During this meeting you the team will cover important information such as what it’s going to be like at your project, do`s and don’ts, fun things to do in Thailand, information about Thailand’s history and culture, and how to stay safe on your trip. This is your prime opportunity to ask any burning questions that you haven’t yet had answered and to meet your fellow volunteers!


Day 4
Today you will be able to experience traditional Thai Culture as you visit one of the nearby temples where you will have the opportunity of giving alms to monks, followed by a welcome ceremony at the temple where a blessing, bracelet and holy water will be given, a great way to see the real Thailand.


Following this you will be introduced to the staff at the project and get some idea of the activities that you will be involved in.  

Time to get stuck in!: Throughout your stay

Destination info

Thailand is just a beautiful country – outstanding natural gorgeousness, impressive architecture, eye-catching temples, lovely, friendly people and just the best Thai food you ever ate and a lot cheaper than over here.


You will be spending your time as a volunteer in Sangklaburi is in NW Thailand on the border with Myanmar (Burma). Sangklaburi is positioned on a 72 km long manmade lake fed by the numerous local rivers and waterfalls. The town is surrounded by mountains and creates a picturesque landscape, an idyllic location for travellers and volunteers.

  • Location: Sangklaburi, NW Thailand

Day 5 to 8
Today will be the first day for you to get stuck into the project work and get your hands dirty! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in work like this, the project team will be on site to help and direct you. The main thing that is needed is your help, energy, determination and enthusiasm!


Day 9 to 10
The start of a two day weekend begins. Perfect for those who need to rest their muscles after all the great work at the project and for those who want to explore the area. The weekend is free time to do as you please.


Following weeks
Over the following weeks (depending on the duration you choose) you will continue with your project work Monday to Friday and begin to see the massive impact and improvements that you have made. You will also continue to have free time in the evenings and on weekends each week to relax or explore.


Your last day
It is time to say goodbye to all the friends you have made on the project and in Sangkhlaburi before you travel back to the airport, or off for further adventures elsewhere. The return transfer from your accommodation to Bangkok is not included in the price, however the in-country team will be able to make recommendations and help you arrange a transfer if you need them to. There are buses and minivans that leave Sangkhlaburi early morning and arrive in Bangkok around 3pm although you may wish to leave a day early if you are flying on the Friday.  

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Trip Notes include a full itinerary, country guides and travel advice on visas, money, insurance and the local weather. By filling in your details you'll also be kept updated on all the latest news, offers and stories on this particular trip. Happy reading!

What's included?

  • Arrival pick-up and transfer
  • Two nights in Bangkok on arrival including breakfast
  • Transfer from Bangkok to the project location
  • Twin share accommodation
  • Assistance from local co-ordinator

What's not included?

  • International flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Food
  • Return transfer

Additional Information & FAQs

Minimum age

Minimum 18 years, maximum decided on potential participants’ health. Please be prepared that you may be working with volunteers of all ages.


Minimum numbers required on this trip

There are no minimum numbers on the trip.

Please note: you may be the only volunteer at your chosen project at any one time. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us



You’ll be staying in a large guest house/hotel in Sangkhlaburi, located right in the centre of town. Rooms have air-con and en-suite facilities with hot water.


It has a restaurant and bar area on the ground floor and also a karaoke lounge.


There are lots of stalls, restaurants and coffee shops as well as a market and convenience stores nearby. 



Meals are not included for this programme. However, eating out is incredibly cheap in Thailand, and you are able to walk to one of the many local restaurants where a meal can be purchased for as little as 100 baht (around £1.80).

Our team in Thailand will do all they can to help you with any food preferences/allergies but please note that Thailand doesn't seem to suffer from the same set of allergies/intolerances that we have in the West and therefore not all areas will be fully understood - either by our guides or by local restaurants. There is no reason that this should stop you travelling but we do need to ask that you are understanding of the local situation and please don't expect their either to be labelling (i.e. regarding nuts/gluten etc) or a real understanding of why this is an issue.


Is this trip for you?

You may be the only volunteer at your chosen project at any one time. However, you will still have the full support of your in-country team and those at the project. If you are looking for a group volunteering experience we have plenty of options for you to consider.


There may be occasions during your volunteer project where regular work is disrupted by special events etc - whilst we do our very best to know these dates in advance, unfortunately the way in which projects in rural areas operate mean that they themselves often don't know until a matter of days before the event takes place. We ask that all volunteers are flexible and during these periods we will endeavour to provide alternative activities.

Advice & Safety

Throughout your programmes you will have the support and guidance of the programme co-ordinator and team. You will be provided with competent assistance and help with any questions or advice you may need during your stay.


You will be assigned a personal travel advisor who will co-ordinate your programme with you. Feel free to contact them at any time before you go, or when you are on your travels.


In addition, you will have access to a 24 hour emergency contact number so you can contact one of our UK staff at any time should you need to.



1. What will I be building/renovating?

Projects can differ dramatically depending on the size of the group but the objective remains the same: To improve the health and safety of the children. Previous projects have renovated classrooms, built small farms to improve the kids nutrition, installed water systems, built safe play areas, renovated toilets and showers, or even built whole new facilities such as toilets and kitchens.


2. How much spending money would you recommend I take?

We generally recommend that you take around £70-£80 per week.


3. I am a first time traveler, and a bit apprehensive about travelling on my own. Do many people do this by themselves?

The majority of our participants are solo travelers, so you will be one of many in the same position. We e-mail out a buddy list 2-3 weeks before you start, so you can begin to get to know one another beforehand.


4. Will I support whilst I am on the programme?

Absolutely, and you have co-ordinators with you at all times to ensure your safety.


5. Do I need to take a sleeping bag?

All bedding is provided but if you wanted to take one as well then you can.


6. Do I need to take a mosquito net?

This is up to you, they aren't provided but if you take care of the room and close the windows etc then you shouldn't need to take a net with you.


7. Will there be a safe/safety deposit box available?

Yes, there will be somewhere for you to keep your valuables.



You have booked a programme which requires an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check to be completed. We can carry this out for you and your travel advisor will explain the charges at the time of booking.

What will I see during my time in Thailand?

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Thailand Building Volunteers

James Kerry - August 2015

How would you rate your overall experience?
Please rate the service received from our team before departure
Please rate the accuracy of your pre-departure information
Please rate the service provided by the team in country
Please rate the accommodation during your stay
Please rate the worthwhileness of any volunteering in your trip if applicable.
Please rate your airport pickup (where applicable)
Please rate your in-country orientation
Thailand Building Volunteers2015-08-30

Anna Wood - March 2015

How would you rate your overall experience?
Give us up to 10 words that sum up your experience: for example - "Great experience, made new friends, totally unforgettable!"

Absolutely amazing - I completely fell in love with Sangkhlaburi!

Please rate the service received from our team before departure
Please rate the accuracy of your pre-departure information
Please rate the service provided by the team in country
Please rate the accommodation during your stay
Please rate the worthwhileness of any volunteering in your trip if applicable.
Please rate your airport pickup (where applicable)
Please rate your in-country orientation
What were the highlights of your trip?

Sangkhlaburi itself is absolutely stunning! The people there are really lovely, and I felt really well looked after. The project is really rewarding, and when it's finished it's going to be amazing.

Do you have 3 top tips for future travellers?

Be flexible! You have the opportunity to get involved in a few different projects while you're there, so be open to ideas. Work hard - you'll be glad you did at the end, and it's amazing how rewarding it can be. Ask to go to Three Pagodas Pass - you'll be able to stand at the Burmese border!

Thailand Building Volunteers2015-03-18

Oliver Heber - October 2011

How would you rate your overall experience?
What were the highlights of your trip?

Meeting new people. Seeing another area of thailand. Visiting Worn's village + playing football there.

Do you have 3 top tips for future travellers?

Pack light, bring old clothes you dont mind getting ruined, Surin is more of a city than a rural town.

Thailand Building Volunteers2011-10-11


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