Can you travel for under £100 a week?

And the Answer Is...


Yes, yes you can! At Real Gap Experience, we pride ourselves on providing our travellers with adventures of a lifetime - from backpacking style trips like the Thailand Experience to working abroad and boosting your CV, to volunteering abroad.


How Can You Travel on the Cheap?


The longer you stay at one of our projects, the cheaper it gets. In general, the start up costs for the programme are the more expensive portion of your stay, so once you're out in-country and know what you're doing it's easy (and even better, affordable!) to extend your time with us and yes - you can travel for under £100 a week!


One of the best ways to really get to know a country whilst you're travelling on a budget is to volunteer: you'll get to know the locals, live an authentic lifestyle and most importantly, help make a massive difference to the community involved. The longer your there, the more you can get stuck in! Once you've met our team in-country, the locals and those working on the project, we doubt you'd want to come back home anyway...


What Do Our Prices Include?


All of our Real Gap Experience travel adventures include accommodation, and most include breakfast. This means that once you're in-country you'll have little to pay for, especially as food is generally a lot cheaper abroad than it is in the UK! If you were living in somewhere like Thailand, you could pick up a Pad Thai (a noodle dish) for around £1/$1.50, which is great for a traveller on a budget!


Projects - Under £100 a Week:


Teaching in Thailand: Looking to brush up on your teaching skills? You could work in a school in Thailand for 12 weeks, and during your time in-country you'll really get the chance to get to know your students, and the Thai way of life. You'll stay in a volunteer house too - which is a fantastic way to meet other young travellers who may be working on other projects! Our programme is based in Surin in Northern Thailand, which is very close to the Cambodian border and within travelling distance to Laos. During your free time, you could tick two other countries off your list too! Teach for 12 weeks in Thailand, and not only is it incredibly affordable but it'll look great on your CV too!


Projects Under £150 a Week:


Become a Football Coach in Brazil: Staying in the awesome Rio de Janeiro, take up your post as a football coach and work with underprivileged children of the favela. During the week it's all about the skills, but on Saturdays it's match time!


We have loads of other community projects in Brazil too - from creative education (for all you arty types) to community development. All of our volunteers stay in an awesome volunteer house in the favela, so you'll really get the chance to see what life in Rio is like. Party in Copacabana in the evening, anyone? Life in the volunteer house is great too, and seeing as though Rio is an expensive city this is a great way to keep your budget in tact and explore this fantastic place.


Work with Children in Costa Rica:  Give the staff at our project in Costa Rica a helping hand, and give the children a chance to play! Located in the town of San Ramon, you'll have loads to do in your spare time too - from checking out the local volcano (as you do!) to heading to the beach on the Pacific Coast. Awesome!


Need anymore inspiration?


Loads of our volunteering projects in both South Africa and Peru work out at under £150 a week, so if you're looking to add sports coaching, teaching or community work to your list, then check out two other awesome countries!



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