Who we are

The Travel Advisors

(they help you plan and book your trip)


Becca Moulton
Travel Advisor

Becca is a serial traveller. Fresh out of school she went to South East Asia and then on to Australia selling electricity door-to-door. Back in the UK she worked for STA Travel creating round the world itineraries. Then she was off again, this time to work in New Zealand then onto Thailand. Next she worked as a tour guide in The Philippines and Japan, but then Covid hit so she moved to Bali. Now back home trying to be an adult she is loving sending her customers off on their travels.

Favourite Destinations

Nepal: mountains, the culture, the FOOD!!!
Philippines: beautiful beaches & loveliest locals
New Zealand: I could have lived there forever!

Max Bevacqua
Travel Advisor

A four month trip through SE Asia led Max to find his job at Gap 360. He travelled around Thailand, including the islands and the north, then went on to discover Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. As these are among our most popular destinations, Max is well qualified to advise customers about the best places to go and what to do once there. He loves chatting to people about his big trip, and helping them to book their own adventures.

Favourite Destinations

Indonesia: The food, beaches, great weather and culture
Italy: Variety of architecture, stunning scenery & great pasta
Morocco: Big Rocky landscapes and interesting culture

Tess Smith
Travel Advisor

Tess has recently returned from a backpacking trip in Costa Rica. Prior to that she spent several months working in tourism in the Cape Verde Islands. She now wants to share her love of travel with others and help them plan their trips. Her next adventure will be to Thailand and Bali this summer. After that... who knows... there is a whole world out there waiting for her.

Favourite Destinations

Costa Rica: incredible wildlife and beautiful sunsets!
Cape Verde: island hopping the unexplored archipelagos
Italy: the best food and amazing history

Emma Warwicker
Travel Advisor

Emma has been to 20 incredible countries across the world. Her greatest travel moments to date are in Kruger National Park in South Africa, witnessing a herd of elephants in their natural habitat and exploring the Lost City of Petra in Jordan. Next on her list is a road trip across the USA or hiring a campervan and travelling around New Zealand. She loves planning travel adventures, so give her a call and she can help you organise your trip.

Favourite Destinations

Thailand: The beautiful beaches, parties and excellent food
Jordan: The lost city of Petra and sailing through the red sea
South Africa: seeing the big 5 on a wildlife safari

The Operations Team

(they make sure your trip is properly sorted and support you after booking)


Katie Penberthy
Product & Operations Manager

Katie is an International Development graduate who has spent her gap year living in Vietnam and teaching English. She loved Vietnam so much she can't stop going back! She has travelled through most of Asia as well as visiting Africa, the Americas and Australasia. Her best bits were driving a campervan up the East Coast of Australia and swimming in the Ganges in India. Katie looks after Gap 360 Product and Operations.

Favourite Destinations

Israel: The Old City of Jerusalem
Vietnam: The food
Myanmar: Beautiful scenery

Katie Green
Assistant Operations Manager

Katie has been to 40+ countries across 6 out of 7 continents (she's not made it to Antarctica…yet…!). Her favourite travel experience? Hard to choose between the Lares Trek in Peru, seeing the Salt Flats in Bolivia, going on safari in the Serengeti, and sky diving in New Zealand. One thing's for sure she's excellent at ensuring all your trips run to absolute perfection!

Favourite Destinations

Jordan: Love Petra
New Zealand: Great adventure activities like skydiving
Cambodia: The friendly people and amazing Angor Wat

Elisha Bass
Travel Coordinator

Elisha spent six months on the Monterey Coast studying marine life at Cal State University. After a road trip on the west coast she headed off to volunteer with great white sharks. Surviving this she carried on travelling along the Garden Route and after a safari, ended up in Cape Town. Other trips include scuba diving in the Maldives and several trips to the Caribbean, including Tobago where she witnessed a turtle giving birth on the beach.

Favourite Destinations

South Africa: its amazing wildlife
Jamaica: its lovely beaches
Maldives: for its underwater world

Ria Wilkin
Travel Coordinator

After working a season in Magaluf, Spain, Ria went to volunteer in Thailand, helping to build a jungle house and looking after elephants. Then she was off to Melbourne to work in various jobs, including selling tickets at a drive-in movie theatre and food truck catering at rodeo shows. When her visa ran out, Ria flew to Bali, and spent several weeks relaxing on the beach until, guess what... you got it... covid sent her home.

Favourite Destinations

Melbourne: street art and dumplings
Koh Phangan: beach parties
Las Vegas: for its craziness

Aimee Frost
Travel Coordinator

Aimee embarked on a massive trip around the world for five years. Starting in Lisbon with a job in a hostel, she went on to work on sustainable farms throughout Portugal. and then travelled through Europe to Croatia. Having met so many Australians in Europe she decided to head downunder to Melbourne where she worked in hospitality. A trip to India and Bali followed but then covid forced her back to the UK, where she found her home at Gap 360!

Favourite Destinations

Lisbon: art and culture
Morocco: stunning landscape
India: incredible architecture and food

Rebecca McGawley
Content & Copywriter

Bex started her travels early when her family moved to Rio de Janeiro when she was 5. Since then, she's had the travel bug big time. She graduated in English from Birmingham University, then took a gap year (which she still says was the best year of her life). The only thing she loves almost as much as travel, is writing, so she can't believe her luck that she managed to find a job that combines both.

Favourite Destinations

Thailand: Hill trekking the north & island-hopping in the south
Cambodia: Angkor Wat at Sunrise
Laos: Taking the slow boat down the Mekong River

The Flights Team

(they help you get the best flight deals)


Maddison Cook
Flight Coordinator

As former Virgin cabin crew Maddison has flown a lot! She's been to Antigua, Miami, Orlando, LA, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, New York, Mumbai and Dubai. Now that she is ground-based she loves talking to customers and helping them to plan their dream trips and book their flights.

Favourite Destinations

Antigua: lovely people and beaches
South Africa: wildlife and the wine!
Las Vegas: it's Disney for grownups

Anna Proctor
Flight Coordinator

Anna has 15+ years experience in the travel industry and has travelled to over 60 countries, covering every inhabited continent (Antarctica is still on the ‘to do’ list). Now with two young children the destinations are a little closer to home, but the travel bug lives on!

Favourite Destinations

Belize: swimming with manatees an all time travelling highlight
Sri Lanka: amazing food, people, trekking and beaches
San Blas Islands: beautiful remote islands

Chloe Wild
Flight Coordinator

Chloe has worked in the industry for 20+ years, she has a wealth of knowledge to share and loves to plan exciting adventures and dream trips. Having spent lots if time travelling around the world and living in New Zealand, she has lots to share with new travellers. She has been to Canada, West Coast USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Croatia, Spain and Kenya. Now she has three children, she is looking forward to taking her family on some exciting adventures soon.

Favourite Destinations

Nepal: Scenery and trekking
New Zealand: My second home!
Kenya: Kenya - Safari and beach villas

The Marketing Team

(they spread the good word about Real Gap Experience so more of you can find us!)


Chris (aka Maverick)
Product Marketing Manager

Chris has been described in the office as an enigma, a prodigy, and a legend...although mostly by himself. With the body of a norse god and the humour of road crossing poultry, when not exaggerating about himself he looks after marketing the product we sell, as well as working with other areas of the business. Named after the patron saint of travellers you know you are in good hands with him.

Favourite Destinations

Belgium: The frites, beer, waffles and chocolate
Australia: Kayaking the coast & rock climbing in the outback
USA: Road tripping the mountains, lakes and forests

Emily Wickens
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Emily is our digital whizz, all those photos, videos and that insta post, yup all her. From brochures to total site takeovers she'll have had a hand in it. She looks after our social accounts and hopefully you'll be seeing her soon in-country doing some live stories and reports once things get back to a bit of normality!

Favourite Destinations

New York: Rockefeller Observation Deck
Jordan: The Lost City of Petra
Greece: Little Venice, Mykonos

Michael Caller

Mike is a numbers man, responsible for ensuring our data is spick and span. He creates complex reports that we struggle to understand, manages our advertising account and is a general facts and figures juggler (he got 90% average in his Masters Degree!) = brain box! 🤯 He's new to the travel malarky, we wonder what his stats and figures would suggest best introduction trip for him? Silicon Valley?

Favourite Destinations

USA: Top of list
New Zealand: Looking to go
China: Once a seasoned traveller

The IT Team

(they make sure the website runs like a dream)


Alex Dovey Roche
Senior Web Developer

After graduating University, Alex spent his gap year touring every inch of New Zealand and the east coast of Australia in a tiny campervan with his girlfriend (now wife). Alex has been to 18 different countries with the highlights being Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and Iceland. He's also a huge motorsports fan, combining racing with trips to Belgium and Austria to watch the races.

Favourite Destinations

Iceland: Chasing the northern lights
New Zealand: Tubing in the underwater caves
Norway: Just anywhere near the Fjords

Nick Corden
Web Developer

This is the second time Nick has worked for Gap 360. In 2016 Nick was employed as an IT assistant, quickly moving up the ranks to a well respected web developer. His endless hours staring at pictures of amazing places got his own travel goals racing and in 2019 he packed a suitcase and moved to Australia! Possibly one of the only good things to come from covid = Nick came back, and we love having him back!

Favourite Destinations

Whitsunday Islands: Sun, Sea and Snorkelling!
Lake Garda: Quaint Italian towns and strange new cocktails.
Queenstown: Lakes, Mountains and Bungee Jumping!

The Finance Team

(they collect your dosh and make payments for your trip)


Lucy Bepey
Finance Manager

Lucy has worked with the directors since year 2000. She is a brainbox with numbers and runs all the company accounts and does the complicated maths bits that no one else can really understand! An avid paddle boarder she's even been spotted out on the icy rivers dressed as Santa for Christmas charity runs - go Luce!

Favourite Destinations

Sardinia: wine, beaches, paddleboarding
Ardeche Valley in France: white water canoeing
Scotland: driving across Cairngorns

Catherine Thorp
Financial Assistant

Catherine has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years. Her employment has taken her to Jordan, Moscow and South Africa, but Southeast Asia remains her favourite part of the world. She loves the hustle and bustle, the people, the noise, the food and the smells. She is looking forward to introducing her kids to the excellent world of travel in the coming years!

Favourite Destinations

New York: an iconic city that you can visit again and again
Cambodia: temples, beautiful beaches, & crazy bamboo trains!
Macchu Pichu: trekking the Inca Trail arriving for sunrise

The Big Bosses

(they focus on looking important and overseeing Real Gap Experience)


Jane Mclellan
Operations and Sales Director

Jane has taken multiple gap trips and written about her experiences. She has worked in the gap travel industry since 2003. She has visited just about all the destinations where we offer trips and knows the people that run the projects, tours and accommodations personally. Jane is responsible for making sure that all the little details of your trip are taken care of and that the information you are provided with is correct.

Favourite Destinations

Bolivia: 4WD 3 day adventure around the Salt Flats
Australia: Camping Adventure in the outback
South Africa: Safari's in Kruger National Park

James Jeremy
Technical Director

James runs the office systems, websites, marketing team, and does everything technical. He is a whiz at getting things to work and even cabled the entire Gap 360 office. He has travelled to many places including Asia, Africa, America, Australia, etc, and has 20+ years experience in gap travel!

Favourite Destinations

Cambodia: Dirt bike riding amidst temples
Thailand: Riding around the islands
Wales: Best dirt biking anywhere 🙂

David Stitt
Managing Director

David founded a company which grew to become the UK's largest gap year provider. He sold the company in 2008 and started a new career in playing golf, doing the school runs and food shopping. Now David does the sort of things MD's do. (we don't really know what it is, but he is good at it).

Favourite Destinations

USA: Living the dream in USA
South Africa: Amazing roads and great wine
Caribbean: Great to go there in UK winter