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11 reasons why YOU should travel this winter

It's September, and it's already cold, windy and wet.


And as we're basically advocates for the sassy things in life like swanning off on an adventure, how travelling's wicked and being brilliant, these are our top 11 reasons as to why you should venture into the great outdoors this winter.

1) You're footloose and fancy free - and being kept house bound for the whole of winter makes you feel like a fugitive/Baby when she was nearly abandoned in Dirty Dancing.

2) You want to see new things, and meet new people - Dora knows.

3) The Turkey is the Chicken's Christmas B1tch - it only makes it into your fridge one day a year. 'Nuff said. 

4) The Christmas Day 'Roast Potato' Showdown is legit - because your sneaky lil' bro always nabs 2893 more roast potatoes than you, and that 'I'm a growing lad' business just doesn't wash anymore. Nor does your mate taking at look at your offerings, GET LOST SISTA.

5) We want to make the rest of the world jealous - shameful, but we don't give two hoots. Facebook points are a real thing, we don't care who says otherwise. 

6) Pasty white skin is NOT the look we go for –  we do not want to look like we’ve continuously seen a ghost or even worse, that we actually are one.

7) We don't want the next few, cold as months to blur into one - because sorry, YOLO, FOMO n' all that is a true story. We want things to be CRAZY EXCITING (like the Thailand Experience).

8) It's a great opportunity - travelling could change your life; anybody who says otherwise is confused.

#oldschoolkim #LOLS

9) You're an adventurous soul who can't be tamed - apols. Sam loved her Christmas in Australia!

10) ...and the December departure of the Thailand Experience covers Christmas and New Year. IMAGINE A FULL MOON NYE BONANZA, OMGZ.

11) And tbh, this seems pretty ideal...

So, who's down?!

Want to get away this winter? Check out our massive September sale, and see where you could head over the next few months! If you're looking for some advice on travelling over Christmas, check this out.

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