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12 Reasons Why You HAVE to Do The New Zealand Experience


And to show you all that the New Zealand Experience is one of the best adventures that the world has ever seen, here's 12 reasons why the place is a massive dreamboat/you should literally all go on this trip, now.

1) You haven't travelled until you've seen New Zealand 

New Zealand is just.... perfect. We properly fangirl after it in the Real Gap office; half of us will say outright that it's our favourite country. Heck, RG's Louisa wants to move there, except.... she's a 22 year old with a house. Ooowww. There's always the next move, eh Louisa?

2) There's SO much to see

There's so much to do here that your brain will probably explode. The scenery is all sassy/mysterious and just damn beautiful, and by the time you've made your way from Auckland (which is wicked)  to the South Island you'll be on the floor. RG's Laura is all over Queenstown like a rash. (Google it, Google it, Google it!). It's a proper dream.

3) It's an AMAZING place to go out on your own

Not only is New Zealand one of the friendly places ever, it's consistantly placed in the top five in the 'safest country in the world' rankings, so you know you're on to a good thing. (Let your mum know, she'll be well grateful. She'll actually get some sleep now).

4) You'll get a whole new gang

If the New Zealand Experience is full, you'll end up meeting 35 others. THIRTY FIVE. It's brilliant, when RG's Laura was on the trip the group was 31 strong. People come from all over the world too: Australia, the US, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium... the list is never ending (as are the Facebook friend requests, HELLO Miss/Mr Popular!)

5) Together, you get to do all of this exciting stuff

The best thing about the New Zealand Experience is you'll have a lot of free time to fill with loads of activities. Each day you'll be given a list of things to do which you cater around you - think, quad biking, sky diving, horse riding, zorbing, white water rafting - the list is endless. It's such a dream; you can choose whether you want a hectic/quiet day as each one passes, and do as much adrenaline/crazy stuff as you want. OH YEAH.

6) ...And have massive nights out

Queenstown's a solid night. We'll leave it there. What goes on tour, stays on tour.

7) In between all of that, you'll see incredible things like this:

South Island is literally *this* on a daily basis. It's sickening.

8) And this...

9) And this. Yep. This happens.

Prepare to fill your camera up with 38449343934 GB of memory, you're going to need it. It's all so beautiful and brilliant and dreamy and AHHHINSANEEEE.

10) And in Rotorua you'll even get the option to go to Hobbiton.

10a) And fangirl ALL OVER IT. 

You'll spend two days in Rotorua, and on your full day you'll get the chance to head to Hobbiton. Even if you're not the biggest Lord of the Rings fan, this place is INSANE. You'll find out crazy facts about the cast and set and spend three hours thinking you're a small person. It's so much fun!

11) By the end of it you'll have mates you genuinely think are WICKED.

After spending a solid 17 days with your group, you'll have rocked up a serious amount of good times together. Heck, even the tour guides are like best mates by the end!

12) And you'll know you've had a fantastic time as saying goodbye is PAINFUL and coming home seems terrible.

But hey, you have weeks worth of mems, right? So, when are we heading back?!

Want to book yourself on to the New Zealand Experience? Check it out over on the Real Gap Website.

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