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2013, Real Gap Styley

2013 has been a BIG year for Team RG. We’ve upped sticks and moved to the seaside, dominated Brighton with our nights out (soz, Brights) and have been travelling around left, right and centre to control our symptoms of ‘itchy feet’ #nofungusinvolvedpromise

As we’re all obsessed with travelling here in the Real Gap office, we thought we’d work out how many countries we’ve discovered between us this year and we’ve got to admit, we’re pretty impressed. Over the last 12 months we've conquered 40 countries, 20 of them being Real Gap destinations. We’ll give ourselves a pat on the back later…

So, if you're looking to hit us up during the BIG Real Gap sale (you know you can save up to 25% off, yeah?) then you now know exactly who you need to talk to to get all of the inside knowledge. You're very welcome.

On the Real Gap radar…


Malaysia - Laura, Hannah

Thailand- Hannah, Chris, Ben

Vietnam- Hannah, Chris, Nicky

Cambodia- Hannah, Chris

Indonesia- Chris, Helena

Hong Kong- Laura

Sri Lanka- Lisa

Japan - Laura


South Africa- Laura, Helena, Martin

Kenya- Danielle, Ian

Tanzania- Danielle

Swaziland- Helena, Martin

Mozambique- Martin


Ben, Alex

South America

Costa Rica- Dan

Argentina- Danielle, Dan

Brazil- Danielle, Dan

Peru- Dan


Australia- Hannah, Ian

New Zealand- Hannah

Bring on 2014, that's what we say! Love Team RG :)

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