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8 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer, And Just Visit Nepal

Looking to explore somewhere a bit different? Head to Nepal. From the incredible Himilayas to the fascinating culture, there's always something amazing to discover.

Alicia has been visiting Nepal for 11 years, and keeps getting drawn back for more. Check out her top eight reasons why you should visit too!

1. Tick one off the bucket list and see Mount Everest - Trek to Everest Base Camp or take a scenic flight. Or you can change this to the Himalayas

2. You can’t visit Nepal without a trip to Chitwan National Park- spend your days on an elephant safari spotting Rhinos and if you are lucky maybe even a tiger. Bath elephants in the river and cycle around the local villages.

3. Chill out in the lakeside town of Pokhara. Surrounded by snow capped Himalayas and a real hippy vibe it’s a welcoming break from the chaos of Kathmandu.  

4. Explore the many historical sights of Kathmandu from the streets of Durbar Marg, freak street- home of the hippies in the 70s, Swayambhunath Monkey temple and Boudhanath the largest  Buddhist stupa in Nepal

5. Bhaktapur, with its medieval alleys and famous wood carvings, is an essential visit to Nepal.

6. Eat as many momos as you can of course! (Nepalese dumplings)

7. Want an action packed adventure - trek the majestic Himalayas, ride the rivers on a white water rafting safari or soar with the eagles and paraglide in Pokhara

8. Check out our incredible volunteering projects and learn about the incredible buddhist culture on ourteaching volunteers trip.

Who fancies taking a trip to Nepal? See what we have to offer over on the Real Gap website.

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