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The 9 Different Types of Traveller...

Entered our MASSIVE competition on facebook?  If not, what are you waiting for - head over there stat. (And if you have, here's more about the nine types of traveller we've met on the road...)

The Travelling Friiiiiiiiend - The legend who keeps the operation together. They're good mates, but basically ET (they phone home all the time).

The Know It All - We all KNOW them (probably because they've told us) - they think they know where to go, eat, explore, wee... and usually it's easier to agree with them! 

The Travel LOLZ - They make up a load of bull about their travels and then tell the whole world about it afterwards. It's incessant, but hilarious. 

The Moaner - 'Ohh but it was raining in Thailand and I didn't know it was monsoon season'. #DEALWITHIT #stopbeingabackpackwanker

The Full Moon-ER - They're the first one up, and the last one down at dawn. They're a massive laugh to go away with, but they can be a *bit* silly (it's probably from the lack of sleep!).

The Techie One - They've got their iPods, iPads, laptops, mobiles, 'pagers'... THE LOT, with them on their big trip. They're instagraming everything and reading their ebooks on long journeys. Gotta love 'em. 

The Budgeter - 'Can't buy that pad thai, I haven't budgeted for an extra meal...' #unlucky 

The YOLO-er - The 'LETS DO EVERYTHING AND NEVER LOOK BACK' travel friiiiiiend. They'll want to look back on this moment and have no regrets, so they're a great person to go travelling with! 

The Backpack W*nker - and here we are. The infamous type of traveller. They have the biggest bag out of everybody, tan lines galore, don't know whether they want to try the local food/throw it and they're a bit dramatic. We all have a (little) bit of this in us (us Real Gappers are 1% backpack w*nkers, 99% travel gods though...) but you've got to love 'em! 

Not quite sure what type of traveller you are? 
Take our facebook quiz and you could WIN a trip to Australia for you and three mates! #Winner


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