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9 Reasons Why Results Day Shouldn't Terrify You

Results day, 2016. It’s HERE. *insert scream*
It crept up on us big style, and now it's just a few clicks away. You're probably a bit nervous/scared/anxious/everything, right?! Except for the fact that you shouldn’t be.
Here are our top 9 reasons WHY we reckon you should take Results Day on the chin and give it the what for!
1) We’ve all been there. If anything Results Day 2016 should be the one thing which binds us human beings together. We all know that, in between those moments where we frantically read through the results you’re bound to be cacking your pants a bit/a lot- please remember that we ALL feel your pain. 
2) Not sure what you want? Eeeeeek. Don't worry! Spend the next few days writing everything down and thinking about your next move. If you don't get in to uni, where would you most like to be? (If you don't know, don't stress out. I don't think any of us truly do!)
3) A lot of people whip out the 'travelling card' as their plan B, which is possibly the best plan B you could EVER have. Who wouldn't want to 'see everything the world has to offer' as their back up?
3b) Plan B's are the 'new' Plan A. Get yourself together and MAN UP. You can do this!
4) Be brave, young warrior. If anyone can battle down a few letters on a piece of paper, it's you
5) If you've ever seen our instagram, we flood the thing with inspirational travel quotes. They'll sort you out in no time. 
6) The next part of your education doesn't have to start in 2016. Who says you can't travel for a few months/year, and then start at uni in October 2017? Check out our dream year long itinerary to get some ideas. Also don't forget we have stats proving travel improves your CV. 83% of employers think you should travel!
7) Your family and friends are there to support you. If you want somebody outside of that to talk to, we're always on hand. We could put together a mean as travel plan for you! 
8) 'Everything happens for a reason'. We hate it when people say this as much as the next person, but we really believe in it!
9) Strive to make each year better than the last. Even if you don't get into your dream uni, we PROMISE that everything will work out in the end. It always does! Good luck, A Level-ers!! (We've got everything crossed for you...)
Want a bit more inspiration? If you're still scared of results day, or want to look into other options - check out the Real Gap Experience website: http://realgap.co.uk

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