E4's Gap Year series brings back memories for the RGE team! | Real Gap Experience Blog

E4's Gap Year series brings back memories for the RGE team!

We've all been looking forward to E4's new comedy Gap Year here in the Real Gap Experience office and it did not disappoint! For our travel co-ordinator Hannah, last night's programme was particularly relevant and brought back some great memories of her trip to China on our fantastic China Experience a couple of years back! Here’s what she had to say:

I was a little worried that Gap Year was going to paint backpackers and gap years in a bad light but luckily the show got it just right! I mean let's face it, every backpacker has been there - arriving completely disorientated, discovering the questionable toilet facilities and perhaps losing track of your money/passport/phone in the flap of it all! Yet it's these crazy occurrences which make for excellent stories when you get home!

Greg and the rest of the crew are a reminder that you won't like everyone you meet whilst you're away, but that's all part of the experience - meeting people who are different to yourself (even if they do have an insatiable love of cricket at the most inappropriate times)! I'm sure most of you can relate to at least one of the characters - I'm going to go with Ashley! What we're all really hoping deep down is that we're not the Greg of the group - but hey, what would the programme (or your trip) be without him?!

During my trip to China on our China Experience in 2014, we all camped on the Great Wall for the night and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever! Unfortunately there was no festival on the wall this time but we made our own party with some 'Great Wall' wine, a bonfire, and music from a mobile phone stood inside a Pringles pot (if you haven't tried it it's a great amplifier!). We watched the sunset on one side before waking up feeling rather hazy several hours later to the sunrise on the other side!


The Great Wall was only a small (but very memorable) part of the fantastic experience which also included pandas, Kung Fu, KTV, Chinese massage, mud baths and bamboo rafting to (FYI - it's not cheaper if there's 3 of you!) to name a few! I for one can't wait to see what the next episode holds - I'm hoping I'll be able to continue reminiscing!

If the programme has wet your appetite for travelling, don't forget we're currently running an epic competition to win your own gap year - check it out here!

We're always on the other end of the phone to help you with any travel plans so please give us a call if you have any questions - our number is 01892 277040.

Have a great weekend, The Real Gap Experience Team

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