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Ebony Day - Thailand Vlog Coverage

So if you hadn’t already heard the BIG news, we sent the lovely and super talented musician / vlogger Ebony Day  to Thailand for her to film a new music video (which is just incredible) and obviously get away from her hectic London lifestyle by travelling this beaut of a country!

Ebony as always delivered awesome content however by infusing dreamy Thai landscapes these videos are beautiful with breath-taking scenery. Travelling on our Bangkok to Beaches trip Ebony and her crew hit up the buzzing and spiritual capital city, stunning island of Koh Samui, finishing off at the famous Koh Phangan.

The following footage is courtesy of the brilliant Reload Sessions - a stripped-back YouTube channel focusing on live music performances. Sit back and Enjoy!   

Adventure of A Lifetime - Coldplay (Ebony Day Cover)



Lost My Guitar in Thailand

Ebony sets off on her adventure, although something seems to be missing on arrival in Bangkok?! The team get a chance to test out the Drone before a busy day tomorrow.


Visiting Temples in Bangkok

The guys get a tour around the city from our in country team, starting with a river cruise before heading to check out some of the famous temples and the Reclining Buddha.

Awkward Thai Massage

Today the group visit the Golden Temple at the Grand Palace.  There’s some much needed downtime in the afternoon (including a massage) before travelling to Koh Samui. 



Reading Letters From My Boyfriend

Ebony reaches the ferry port at Surat Thani to witness a beautiful sunset. Landing in Koh Samui they hit the beach before some feelings of home inevitably come to heart.


We Got Hit By A Storm Whilst Snorkelling

On the day of a boat trip a storm comes into play (typical). The guys brave it out and jump on an island tour with some snorkelling in the rain. 



Backflip Gone Wrong

The crew get a private tour discovering some favourite undercover island spots on Koh Pha Ngan. In the evening some lanterns are lit on the beach before heading to a Full Moon Party.


Reload Session

Love Yourself - Justin Bieber (Ebony Day Cover)

Reload Sessions filmed this great cover of Love Yourself by Justin Bieber whilst out in Thailand - featuring Ebony Day on vocals and acoustic guitar. 



We would like to say a huge thanks to Ebony and the guys from Reload Sessions for this incredible videography but also to all those out in Thailand who made their experience even more special! 

Hopefully these videos have entertained but also given a great insight into the beauty of Thailand and what you can get up to out there.


Peace out,

Team Real Gap Experience

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