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South Africa in Pictures

On Instagram we’re always keeping a beady eye out for traveler photos and sharing our favourites (not got involved yet? Check out #myrealexperience). So when we came across Gary’s jaw-dropping photos from his two week South Africa Experience we knew we had to share them with you all. Get ready to have serious travel envy guys. From climbing Table Mountain and witnessing the Big 5, to diving with Great Whites (yes really!) I think it's safe to say Gary had a pretty epic time on his trip... 

Why did you pick South Africa?
I picked South Africa because I've always wanted to go on safari and see animals out in the wild. 

Highlight of your trip to South Africa?
I had so many highlights during my trip to South Africa but if I had to choose one moment I would say diving with great white sharks. 

Most unexpected moment?
The most unexpected moment during my trip to South Africa was finding four elephants out in the bush bathing in a mud bath after tracking them for two hours. 

Three words to sum up the South Africa Experience trip?
Amazing Unforgettable Experience.

Massive thanks to Gary (give him a follow here) for letting us share his amazing photos from his travels. Feeling inspired? You can check out the trip, itinerary and prices over on the websiteOr fancy checking out more traveler snaps? Head over to Instagram, give us a follow (obvs) @realgapexp and search for #myrealexperience. Be warned however, you’ll be grabbing that passport and booking a trip in no time! 


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