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*NEW* Thailand Itinerary!

Proof that Thailand is a place that allows you to have your cake and eat it! Definition of saying ‘Have your cake and eat it’: to have or do two good things at the same time that are impossible to have or do at the same time.

A new and improved Thailand Experience itinerary awaits you!  Think bigger, think butter …and a bit busier!

‘How is it possible to get any better?!’ I hear you say … well, we’ve created an experience that fits heaps of activities into this awesome 29 day trip so that you make the most of your trip AND get even more for your money!  From partying - to snorkeling - to volunteering, there is nothing you can’t do in Thailand!


SPREAD your wings like the social butterfly you are

The YEAST you can do is soak up some Thai history

RISE to the occasion on a local renovation project

The HEAT is on to spot as many tropical fish as possible

LOAF it or hate it, you KNEAD to take away a Thai recipe with you

And spend the rest of your DOUGH at the Full Moon Party!

Not only do we have more activities, we are introducing the natural beauty and scuba diving paradise that is: KOH TAO as one of our new destinations to give you an extra slice of what Thailand has to offer.

Okay, enough of the awful baking puns now, Mary Berry would be appalled (and she’s been through enough recently)  – For some more helpful information, check out the full itinerary here or speak directly to our lovely team on 01892 277040.


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