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South Africa Will Make You A Better Person - Here's Why...

South Africa is a volunteer destination to write home about... so you better get down to good ol' WHSmith because there’s no way you’re not going to want to visit after reading this!

With 18 South African Trips to choose from, it’s safe to say you’re spoilt for choice, so here are 5 super inspirational trips to get your taste buds tingling, including our BRAND NEW trip ... drum roll please ... Cape Town Aquarium Volunteer!!!

1) Childcare Internship

If you love working with kids and want to give something back to an inspiring organisation, then this is the trip for you! Your main focus will be working with children and families who face the difficulties of living with special needs. You will help assist he childen in becoming as independent as possible and the rewards are priceless!

“I would highly recommend this programme to anyone looking for experience within special needs or psychology. It really throws you into the deep end if you haven’t got much experience and you get to learn and acquire so many necessary skills within care work.” – Tumi.

I’m really glad I agreed to go for 12 weeks to get the most of the experience”. - Tumi.

2) Sports Volunteer

The 4 weeks I spent were most likely the most fulfilling weeks up to date – Guillaume.

Whether you spend 2 or 12 weeks coaching sport to disadvantaged children at a school in Cape Town, you are, without a doubt likely to make a positive difference to these youngsters' lives. Teach a number of different sports to the fun and energetic children and get to know the staff you’ll be working with. At the weekends, you won’t be short of things to do, from shark cage diving, a trip to Table Mountain, wine tours to chill out days on the beach, the choice is yours!

“All in all, the programme offers unforgettably fun yet fulfilling experience!” - Guillaume Shrimpton

3) Surf & Community volunteer

Surfs up dudeee! There aren’t many trips that incorporate hitting the waves on South Africa’s beautiful coastline with improving the lives of the local community – you don’t even need to have surfed before! Learn how to ride the waves or perfect your skills in Muizenburg and gain experience in coaching the local youngsters!

This project is run by a young South African who wants to give back to the community which is the driving force behind the inspirational work achieved here in Muizenburg.

“The whole experience was amazing and I appreciate everybody involved with making it possible. I would highly recommend anybody to have the same experience I had” – Josh.

4) Horse riding & Conservation Experience

Horse riding around your local area seeing the same views over and over again < Horse riding on a private reserve in KwaZulu Natal, spotting anything from Wildebeests, Zebras, Rhinos to name but a few ... I mean, it's a no brainer!

Here's what some of our previous volunteers have to say about this experience...

“Working with the horses, riding on the reserve , being able to see all the different animals, the staff we great , Staying at Zingela camp next to a river , going to horseplay, fly-fishing and everything else ! 110 % recommend, Horses, animals, surroundings, staff and local people are all GREAT!" - Natasha

“The highlights of this trip were the people at the reserve and working with the charity for local children. This was the most amazing experience in beautiful scenery. We also went to see the Nelson Mandela Capture sight and the surrounding areas where i felt very at home and welcome with my guides and the other people we met on the way. However my best experience in SA was watching the Traditional Zulu Dancers at the lodge!” - Olivia

“Riding on the reserve was the best part and seeing the wildlife, zebra, ostrich, wildebeest, warthog, white rhino and many more. Staying at Zingela a remote camp next to a river and going on the Karkloof canopy tours trip. The staff at the reserve were great and very welcoming." - Amy



5) *BRAND NEW* Cape Town Aquarium Volunteer trip

We are extremely excited to announce our brand new Aquarium Volunteering experience!! Whether you're a passionate beginner or a student of Marine Biology, your experience and dedication will behighly valued at this aquarium, world renowened for its ethical approach to conservation and home to 3000 sea creatures!

Spend your days maintainign habitats, caring for sea creatures, preparing food and informing local vistors about the importanc eof the project. You may even have he chance to help with animal rescues and releases!

"This summer (well, winter!) I left my warm, sunny home in California to travel around the world to Cape Town. Why Cape Town? Honestly, I knew nothing about the city and little about South Africa before planning my trip. A Google search led me to an internship programme in Cape Town, which then placed me at the Two Oceans Aquarium" - Allie

"This past month working at the Aquarium has further enhanced my appreciation and my passion for protecting and taking care of marine life, no matter how big or how small – I consider myself to have won the jackpot with this vacation" - Adrian

"I finished my university degree this past May and am not starting my full-time job until January 2016. When I was initially brainstorming ways to spend this vacation time, I knew two things: I wanted to travel somewhere I had never been before and I wanted to spend this time doing something completely different from anything I had ever done before" – Adrian.

Well, we think you did just that Adrian and what an achievement!

If you're inspired by any of these experiences, then take the first step by downloading our Trip Notes for the programme you're interested in, located at the bottom of each trip - trust us, you won't regret it! Or jump onto live chat and talk to one of our super friendly travel advisers who will answer any of your questions :)

Psst - don't forget about our Sale, offering up to 25% off ALL trips!

Happy Travels :)



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