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Vietnam Vlogging - Derpid

Interested in backpacking Vietnam? We're not surprised the place is just incredible (and these Vlogs prove it)! Here's some great content giving you guys so awesome visuals, along with bucket loads of inspiration for what you can get up to whilst out in Vietnam! Introducing David...


"Hey! My names David. I'm 24 from London.  I'm a newly found backpacker with a passion for videography. I wanted to start travelling to open my eyes to the many cultures and vibes of the world. After just spending my first time in Asia Vietnam blew my mind. From ancient cities to the best of tropical coasts, I found it to be both a new and refreshing start to what will be lifetime memories.'' 


David has a great up and coming YouTube channel - Derpid. Below are a selection of his Vlogs covering his Vietnam Experience with us...


Goooood Morning Vietnam!

David arrives in Vietnam and heads out on a city tour around Hanoi (where some interesting coffee is available). Later in the week he gets to visit the spectacular Halong Bay, spending a night on an island occupied by monkeys. 


Work Boots To Vietnams Roots

Whilst in Hue David gets involved in some volunteer projects, this involves community work aswell as childcare, which proves pretty tiring. To finish up you’ll get to see the beautiful Hoi An.     



Sun And Sea To Ho Chi

The final week is a pretty chilled one with some beach time lined up. After some much deserved sand and sea David visits Ho Chi Minh to uncover some Vietnamese history.


To stay tuned with David's travels jet over and subscribe to the Derpid YouTube channel. His next stop is Thailand and we can't wait to check out the Vlog coverage!


If you like what you see and fancy following in David's footsteps, check out our Vietnam Experience


Finally a huge thanks to the man himself... THANKS DAVID!!!

Team Real Gap Experience

*Not all activities included in these videos are part of the Real Gap Experience itinerary. Please see the website for exact inclusions.

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