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The Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure travel is exciting. It’s about adrenaline, it’s about experiences and it’s about making the memories and the stories that you’ll tell for the rest of your life.

Take our Peru Inca Trail trip as an example. Spending seven days trekking through this stunning landscape, you’ll experience sights and feelings like never before. Following Inca traditions and history from Cusco, you’ll pass through the fertile Sacred Valley and then hike to the ultimate Peruvian icon, Machu Picchu. Now that’s one Facebook photo album your friends are definitely going to want to see!

It’s not just the incredible photos that you’ll bring with you. Such an exhilarating trip doesn’t come without its difficulties, with the hike itself sure to have you working to your limits with the effect of (however clichéd this may sound), learning more about yourself and what you’re really capable of.

And talking of testing your own limits, what could be more of a test than a climb to the summit of Kilimajaro?! This incredibly popular trip really does tick off one of those once in a lifetime experiences, taking you, quite literally, through the highs and lows of Africa’s tallest mountain and rewarding you with incredible views across Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.

Then there’s our New Zealand Ultimate Explorer, a combination of hiking and biking that will take you across some of the country’s stunning landscape, meeting amazing people and making new friends along the way. When you’re not trekking or cycling, you’ll be relaxing on the beaches, partying in the bars or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, skydiving or bungee jumping in the world’s adventure capital.

It all sounds like pretty hard work, right? Trekking, cycling, hiking… it’s all physically challenging; so why do so many people go on adventure trips with Real Gap every year?

The answer is simple; adventure.

Our travellers aren’t your average bucket and spade holidayer. Instead, they seek the thrill of achievement, the beauty of seeing new things and the ever-lasting memories that a trip like this creates.

If that sounds like you, why not take a look at our adventure trips now? 


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