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We all love an occasion here at Real Gap, and today is one of our personal favourite's- Bonfire Night! To match the fiery nature of the big day, we wanted to show you a city with bags of passion and attitude; a place that could hardly be referred to as the 'shy and retiring' type...

Just as Guy attempted to blow the Houses Parliament up all those years ago, Bangkok does one better as the party capital of Thailand- it’ll blow your mind! As a part of Real Gap’s Thailand experience, get a taster of the city by embarking on an adventure of a lifetime with the pro’s (aka, us. We really are legends at what we do!)

Why visit Bangkok?

Why wouldn’t you, that’s the question! With culture, the incredible nightlife (!) and the amazing food, Bangkok really is the life and soul of the Thai’s party. If partying is high on your agenda, then you cannot miss the Thai capital.

What, where?

Khao San Road: For backpackers and budget travellers, Khao San Road is the hub of activity. Situated a block away from the Chao Phraya River, Khao San hosts as many hostels as your Mum's had hot dinners- and your spoilt for choice on places where you can sip your ice cold Chang beer too!

Siam Square: Shoppers, this is for you! Siam Sq is Bangkok’s main shopping destination, with malls and department stores, it’s the ideal haunt to search for a designer bargain. Siam Paragon, the city’s glitziest mall, has NINE floors (imagine the possiblities?)!

Damneon Saduak Floating Market: Something like you haven’t seen before, Damneon Saduak is Thailand’s most popular floating market. It’s easiest to visit the market by bus or on a tour as it’s an hour outside the city, but for the great food and the incredible photo opportunities, the trip’s more than worth it!

Grand Palace: Big, grand, oriental, completely amazing (superlative galore)- the sight of the selection of buildings that make up the grand palace is something not to be missed!


Want to escape to Thailand when we're stuck in arctic conditions in the UK? You're sorted- even just after Christmas Bangkok's low is 21c, but temperatures can still hike up to 32c at the start of the year. Bangin'!


Everything is cheap n' cheerful over in Bangkok, a main meal in the city will cost you between £1-2 (GBP), and a beer from a shop? Under a quid. Cheers!

So, want to discover Bangkok for yourself? A series of our RTW trips stop there, and our‘ Thailand Experience’ starts off in the city. Nice!

*All images courtesy of WikiCommons

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