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Ben and Harriet's Thailand Adventure- Day 8!

It's Harriet again! Today we completed our volunteering stint on the non-community option of the Thailand Experience; and it was so awesome!

Our alarms went off at 6am and Ben and I got ready for our next day of volunteering - this time with the building group (non community option on the Thailand Experience). This group start earlier and finish earlier than the Community option because it is such hard work building in the midday heat! 
We jumped in the taxi with the 6 other volunteers and we were transferred approx 30 minutes to the new piece of land which Real Gap helped to buy to build the new childcare centre. So far past volunteers have helped build a road to gain access for the land to build further on it and also 2 large  storage sheds to keep all the tools and materials in. 
The task for the group over the next 4 days was to begin digging a 10 metre well which will provide water for the new childcare centre during the dry season. Hard work to say the least! The previous day the team had cleared the area of all the bushes and shrubs as it was very over grown. So that morning we were ready to get digging! 
The first 2 hours were really difficult because the ground was so dry and hard. We worked brilliantly together though and soon got a great rotation system going so that we could get frequent breaks for water and to cool off a little in the shade. 
We worked from 7:30 to 12:30 and managed to dig almost 2 metres deep and a metre in diametre - not too shabby for a mornings work!! We then called it a day as it was far too hot to do anymore, so we had the afternoon off to do what we wanted in the sun!
We all headed back for desperately needed cold showers and headed down to the lake for hours of swimming and relaxing in the sun. Perfect! 3 of the girls on the Thailand Experience kayaked for about an hour to a sunken temple in the river which they said was amazing, yet pretty eerie. We had a beautiful lunch by the river and then headed back to the hotel for a relaxing evening and a few cold well deserved Chang beers! 
LOVING life in Thailand!


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