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Ben and Harriet's Thailand Adventure- FULL MOON PARTY!

It's the big one- it's all about the Full Moon Party! 

After a lovely spicy noodle breakfast Ben and I decided that a beach day was in order (after all, we needed to top up our tans!). As it was yet another absolute scorcher- around 40c, we spent most of it in the sea rather than on the beach.  It was great to have the time to chill out and lay low, especially before the evening's shananagans of the eagerly awaited Full Moon Party! 
For dinner my friend had recommended a place called Amsterdam Bar for another great sunset view. I had a beautiful spicy beef red curry and Ben had a pork phad thai as we watched the sun go down with 2 cold Changs. Then around 8pm we headed back to the resort to get showered and dolled up for the party- we booked a taxi (100 baht each from the resort) and there were 2 other groups in the taxi truck with us from Canada and Uruguay who were lovely and all really excited! 
The journey took about 15 minutes from Mac Bay (the hotel the Thailand Experiencers stay in in their last week- it's so beautiful!) and we jumped out and purchased our wrist bands for 100 baht. We then grabbed a cheeky famous bucket of bevvies (300 baht for a lot of alcohol) and made our way to a stall doing fluorescent body paint art to get kitted out full moon style! We paid 400 baht for a full arm of beautifully painted flowers and some stripes on our faces and we were good to go!
We made our way down to the beaches and it was absolutely MENTAL. There was so much going on and different sections of the beach had different music- which was actually really cool! Dance, dubstep, RnB and hip hop, the Full Moon had the lot, so we spent the time jumping inbetween the crowds to get involved in as much as possible. People were getting up on the stages and dancing away like crazy whilst others chilled out on the sand and people watched with their buckets. 
We made our way along the beach to where there were loads of amazing fire dancers and set up camp for a bit and watched the guys work their magic- they have some serious skill. Everyone looked so good in their full moon outfits and florescent paint against all the UV lights, it was so awesome!
We decided to call it a night around 3:30am as we had a relatively early trip to get back to Bangkok the next day (less than ideal after all the buckets!) so we made our way back to grab a taxi back to the resort. 
Over the past two weeks in Thailand Ben and I have developed a bad habit of eating dinner quite early, then going out and eating loads of street food after a few drinks. Can't exactly complain about that- but dreading wearing my jeans again when I get back home, ha! So armed with some chicken skewers and a big fat takeaway pad Thai we made it back to the resort for a few hours sleep before our final stop- Bangkok again so we could catch our flight home!
We loved showing all of you guys our Thailand adventure. In our next posts, we're going to reviewing our trip, dishing out tips, and telling you about our best bits. Stay tuned! If you'd like to book your place onto our amazing Thailand Experience however, you can on the Real Gap website (you won't regret it, it's AWESOME)

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