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Based on our previous travellers’ fave destinations, we have a whole page on our site dedicated to our 10 Top Trips! This is no doubt down to personal preference, however, if you’re thinking there are just too many to choose from, this will give you a head up on what's hot this year!

Travel Makes You More Attractive

It's true, travel makes you more attractive, sexier and leaves you with an everlasting glow...


Travel gives you stories and stories are sexy. There's something of an early-man-around-the-campfire quality to this behaviour, the expression of a basic human impulse to sit down together and share news from elsewhere.Somehow a trip to Tesco’s at the weekend doesn't score as highly as a victorious bungee jump in New Zealand, or an epic scuba dive in the second largest barrier reef in the...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Gap Year

Whether you’re in 6th form and beginning to think about your personal statement or you’re just generally thinking about what the future holds for you, there are a lot of questions you might be asking yourself. Is uni for me? What should I study? Should I travel first? Where should I travel to? The list is endless right? (there's another question!) But don’t worry, we’ve all been there and we’re here to help you! Here are 10 reasons why taking a gap year is a great idea!

1. You’ll perform...

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6 reasons why working in Australia will be your biggest regret ever!

1. It’s so much fun living and working in the same country day in-day out!

Faced by the same mundane tasks that you pretend excite you or spending what feels like every minute of your day in the library and thinking to yourself; “why would I want to leave all this?” right? We get it... moving to beach paradise for a year, sipping on cocktails overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the biggest decision to make being what you’re going to wear that night - is daunting and probably not worth...

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VLOGGED: China Experience

Want to get behind the scenes and see the REAL China? Blogger Georgia (aka Geeography) has just returned from 28 days on our China Experience and vlogged throughout her whole trip.

Check out her videos below as she travels through China, experiencing everything from The Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors to karaoke bars and Kung Fu Fighting. Be warned though, China will soon become top of your travel bucket list! 

VIDEO: Visiting Lantau Island in Hong Kong


VIDEO: From Hong Kong to Yangshuo

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Want to visit somewhere new? Want to be blown away by a remarkably traditional, yet dynamic culture but don’t have much time to travel? Nooo problem. Just call us your Fairy Godmother because we’re about to make this possible! Journey through Japan is a 15 day gateway to Japanese heaven; offering an array of activities, culture, food and so much more!

Caution: unable to fit all activities in to this blog to avoid a word overload – (there’s really that much to do! Click here for the full...

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*NEW* Thailand Itinerary!

Proof that Thailand is a place that allows you to have your cake and eat it! Definition of saying ‘Have your cake and eat it’: to have or do two good things at the same time that are impossible to have or do at the same time.

A new and improved Thailand Experience itinerary awaits you!  Think bigger, think butter …and a bit busier!

‘How is it possible to get any better?!’ I hear you say … well, we’ve created an experience that fits heaps of activities into this awesome 29 day trip so that you...

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China: Must Do, Pack and Eat

In case you missed it, last month we sent the wonderful Georgia off to China to represent us as our #REALChinaBlogger. After winning our summer competition with Instax and Cathay Pacific, we sent Georgia off on our 28 day China Experience from Hong Kong, to report back on everything from street food and city life, to Terracotta Warriors and The Great Wall.

Throughout her trip she vlogged and took shared some stunning photos, check out her highlights below and her top tips for future...

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Get discounts on our five most popular trips! Yep, you read it right guys... we're offering you up to £75 OFF our most popular trips in our September FLASH SALE!

End 2016 in serious style. So whether you want to experience a Full Moon Party, cruise Halong Bay, tick the Taj off the bucket list, work abroad in Australia or get up close the the Big 5 in South Africa, we've got it sorted! Book by midnight 21st September and start getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

£75 OFF India...

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As the UK’s leading gap year and student travel adventure specialists; offering over 200 trips and sending over 50,000 people on adventures abroad, I think it’s safe to say that we can find the perfect trip for you. 

Ever heard of the saying ‘two hands make lighter work’? Well we definitely agree with this, which is why we offer you expert advice in order to create an experience jam-packed with adventure, unforgettable scenery and invaluable opportunities.

G is for GENUINE. Our team at Real...

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