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China: Must Do, Pack and Eat

In case you missed it, last month we sent the wonderful Georgia off to China to represent us as our #REALChinaBlogger. After winning our summer competition with Instax and Cathay Pacific, we sent Georgia off on our 28 day China Experience from Hong Kong, to report back on everything from street food and city life, to Terracotta Warriors and The Great Wall.

Throughout her trip she vlogged and took shared some stunning photos, check out her highlights below and her top tips for future travellers. Over to Georgia…

Honestly, it was the most amazing trip, I'm very grateful that I've had the opportunity to do it.

The highlight of my trip was most definitely The Great Wall of China. Whilst it was challenging to reach it (there's a LOT of hiking), the views from the wall were absolutely breathtaking and seeing it both at sunset and sunrise was really special.

Another highlight was obviously making the friendships I have made with my group, we were very close-knit and I know that some of the group will be in my life for a long time!”

As someone with a gluten intolerance, I thought it would be difficult for the entire trip for me to eat. However, travelling with an organised tour meant that the leader could easily translate my allergies. My favourite foods were at the guesthouse in Shaolin (sweet and sour potatoes, HELL YES!) and the guesthouse in Fujian as they made rice flour dumplings and incredible sweet and sour pork.

The best view was unbeatably from The Great Wall, and it's a view I hope to never forget. Especially beautiful at sunset, as one side the sun was setting and on the other the sky was pink and blue.

My most unexpected moment was how much I would enjoy the bike ride in Xi'an along the city walls. It was a really great experience for the whole group and I don't think one person didn't enjoy it.

My tip for any future travellers on the China Experience is to pack a comfortable pair of trainers with good grip! On this trip, you do a lot of walking, biking and hiking so it's a necessity unless you want very sore feet. However be sure to not pack too much, as you'll want to buy a lot along the way, especially at the fake goods markets!

Also I would really recommend trying and bond with your group because they really are what makes your trip, I was very lucky that our group all got on very well and it certainly enhanced the amazing experiences we were having.

To sum up the trip I would say it was exhilarating and life changing!

Feeling inspired (or hungry after the mention of dumplings!)? Check out the China Experience over on the Real Gap Experience website, or head over to Georgia’s blog Geeography for more inspirational travel and foodie blogs! 

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