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Ebony Day does Thailand

At HQ we’ve been working hard to organise an exciting new project. Finally, just a few days before she departs we are BEYOND excited to announce that we are sending EBONY DAY to Thailand with the very talented camera team Reload Sessions. 
Once you’ve stopped any fan girls screaming at your screen, let us tell you more… At the beginning of the year Ebony liked us on twitter (as everyone should… @RealGapExp please!) and it got us thinking. We wanted an insider view of Thailand, and who better than someone so many of you adore!
So with a plane ticket booked and passport in hand, this month we will be sending Ebony to test out our popular 10 day Bangkok to Beaches trip. Starting in Bangkok she’ll be exploring the buzzing city and glistening temples, before heading south to the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Combining everything from night markets and tuk tuks, to kayaking in marine parks and full moon parties – this is the ultimate short break to experience Thailand. 


So who is Ebony Day?

Having won MTV’s Brand New Artist award back in 2013 (previously won by Justin Bieber (you might have heard of him? and Connor Maynard) Ebony has fast become an internet sensation with a huge following of over 360,000 fans on her music channel. She covers songs from One Direction and Adele, to Nick Jonas and Jessie J. In the office we’ve been LOVING her recent cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’… it’s stunning. 

So alongside singing, Ebony has been busy becoming a vlogger and all round YouTube star as she shares her life and music on the internet. To find out more on her check out her YouTube account here and Instagram @ebonyday1.


What will she be doing?

Ebony is going to be joining our 10 day Bangkok to Beaches trip where she will be providing us with updates from the trip and jaw-droppingly-gorgeous snaps of Thailand. Get ready to be super envious guys, it will be beaches and sunsets GALORE. 

Alongside filling our Instagram accounts with paradise, she will also be filming some super exciting music videos and even a live cover with a guitar. YES REALLY. It doesn’t get better than the stunning Thai Islands and a music video! The talented Ebony already has a few song ideas up her sleeve, so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for updates coming your way… 


Make sure you’re following us on Instagram @realgapexp and Ebony @ebonyday1 to keep in the loop! Plus if you want to know more about the trip check out the Bangkok to Beaches itinerary HERE. 


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