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#experienceit - Be the Foodie!

We're all massive fans of our food here at Real Gap, and one of the best things about going away is undeniably the chance to try a host of exotic foods. Check out Real Gap’s Chris, who ended up getting more than he bargained for during his travels throughout Asia...
‘I was wandering around a small town in Thailand and I was hungry, looking for some food, specifically chicken, as you can get a stick of chicken and chili sauce for 10baht (20p). Well, I found this street vendor who was selling flattened chicken (quite common for it to look flat and weird) and it was only 5baht! Cheapest chicken ever, I was buzzin!
So I was walking around, tucking in to it, it was dead fiddley and quite a faff, but tasted really nice! I’d had half of it, and began to analyse the bone structure, and I noticed some very non-chicken-like hips, and it clicked. I had a moment of wretchedness, but it didn’t stop me from smashing it all in to my face! It tasted just like chicken, but the skin was a little more chewy.
This picture is from when I was in Battambang, Cambodia. Our tuktuk driver was taking us back for a ride on the bamboo train and he turned, as if to try and freak us out, and asked if we had eaten rat before, and I of course said I had. His shock factor ruined, pointed out they were selling it on the side of the road for 1000Riel (about 15p) and I just had to grab it. This one was rat without a doubt, just with its limbs, head and tail off. My vegetarian girlfriend took the picture and told me to eat it quick and throw it away, I made sure I ate the jiblets and intestines that were hanging out of it, and make it box and do the Rocky Balboa theme music! Had to get my money’s worth! She was not pleased!’
Woah! Reckon you could take on a rat? Let us know by dropping us a cheeky tweet! (Rather you than us, Chris...)

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