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Family visit to Sydney

Hello there! I've just had the best week ever; my family came all the way from Liverpool to see me in Sydney!
Tip: My family only booked this mega adventure three weeks before travel, and the prices were still not too bad which is great. Turns out a spontaneous visit to Australia is possible!
My mum, dad and sister decided to break up the journey here by spending a few days in Bangkok, which was great for them - but I was itching for them to get here so it seemed like forever!
After a 6am wake up call - I headed to the airport to pick up my family from arrivals, which is by far the most exciting place to spend your morning. (No sarcasm intended! Haha)
They arrived safely, and we had a good hug and catch up before heading to the apartment we'd booked for the week in Sydney. The apartment was lovely, a one bedroom - but there was enough space for 6 people to stay there. There was a balcony and a view of the Westfield tower from the bedroom window. The week consisted of all the tourist spots, so a city walk to the botanical gardens, the view point of the opera house and the bridge. A trip to my work at Luna Park, a trip up the tower to the enjoy the views and an amazing buffet dinner where we tasted emu, croc and kangaroo! Plus, we had an amazing day at the Blue Mountains. If you're heading to sydney, then it's a definite must!
It's great having lived in the city for a few months to be able to show my family round, knowing the little secrets Sydney has to offer, such as Max Brenner hot chocolate, which everyone loved!  Me and my dad went to the Sydney Cricket Ground whilst the others went shopping. Sydney really is a place for everyone to enjoy, with such a wide range of activities. 
It was so sad to leave them, but it's only a few more months until I'm home where I can see them all the time. I'm so happy that they were able to visit and experience what life has been like for me and Becky whilst we've been away.
So if you're worried about missing people when you're travelling, there's always cheap options for family and friends to come and visit. Or do like Becky did and meet in the middle and explore somewhere new!
Until next time,
Melissa and Becky

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