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Getting Ready for a Trip of a Lifetime

Brace yourselves guys; our sale kicks off in a weeks time! From the 27th of December, you’ll be able to pick up some massive bargains on some of our top trips, and to get you all prepared for going away to brighter climes, we thought we’d go through what we do when we plan a trip of a lifetime...

The Steps to Star-Travel-Dom

1.       Know where you want to go. Sounds easy, but considering there is a whole world out there, there’s an awful lot to choose from! (Personally we will always recommend Thailand and Aus, but then we’ve always been a sucker for a killer climate)

2.       Once you’ve decided where you want to go, give it a little research. By accessing the itineraries on our websites, you’ll find out what you’ll be doing during our trips, where you’ll be heading, and what you should expect whilst you’re there. If you’re a sucker for detail, then our ‘Trip Notes’ talk you through every angle of the time known to man; no stone has been left unturned!

3.       The location’s sorted, the trip’s booked, and you’re on your way to becoming a star Real Gapper. What do you do next? Firstly, get EXCITED as we’re going to sweep you off your feet- but secondly, have a look into the climate of where you’re heading- is it going to be hot, cold, mild, windy? What sort of stuff will you need to take with you, for example? A lot of our destinations vary season by season quite dramatically, so it’s worth being in the know before you head out to the country of your dreams!

4.       As we’re all chatterboxes here at RG, we love our phones. Ideally you need to get your phone unlocked if you’re going travelling for a long time- getting a local sim will save you bucket loads and you might even pick up a stronger signal too! Alternatively, it is worth getting a Skype account or using FaceTime (Apple products) to stay in touch with loved ones!

5.       And last but not least, go away with an open mind. You’re going to have the best time of your life, and so kick back, relax- and let us show you some of the best sights in the world!

Make 2013 your best year yet by experiencing a new country and culture!

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