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Getting Work in Sydney: Hints and Tips!

Hi everyone! Now we're all settled in Sydney (we've bagged ourselves a job and a flat!) - we thought we'd offer some hints and tips that we picked up whilst on the job hunt Down Under.

If you decide to go for the Paid work and Sydney Intro - which is the Real Gap trip that we are both on, then you'll get membership with the Work and Travel Company, who are there to help you find work in Australia-  even if you decide not to stay in Sydney (score!).  Your working holiday visa allows you to have casual work in Oz so you can still have full time hours, but it'll be classed as a 'casual position'.

Other places to look for work are, where you can search for Christmas casual and working holiday visa jobs, and you can search by job category depending on what skills you have. and are great websites to search for casual work.  You can filter by job type, evening or morning work, and part time hours or full time hours.

There's always loads of jobs advertised in hostels and other backpacker spots, so keep an eye out for them too!

But our main bit of advice? Don't panic! It may take a little while to find something but to be honest, it's all luck of the draw. There are loads of jobs to be had in Sydney especially, and if you work with Real Gap's wprl and travel team and line yourself up with loads of itnerviews, you'll get something in no time! Some people find a job in the first few days, others it can take longer- but stick at it, don't get too disheartened and it will happen! 

Follow Melissa and Becky's adventure over on Twitter at @UltimateYearOut.


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