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Group vs Solo travel

Hey everyone! We are nearing the end of our amazing trip now, finishing off in the Big Apple. Looking back over our travels we have met hundreds of people and made some awesomee freinds. During the trip we have travelled as a pair, as a large group and also individually. If you are planning your own RTW trip and are wondering which is the best option then heres a blog that might help you out.


We predominatenly travelled as a pair for the 9 months so we decided which cities, hostels, activities etc to visit together. We have known each other for a long time and have similar interests so this was easy enough. If you are planning a trip and looking for a travel partner, just make sure they want to visit the same places and have a similar budget. The great thing about travelling with a friend is that you always have someone to talk to that knows you well and it guarntees that you will have a good time. Even though we had each other, we still met loads of people along the way and this is good especially if your starting to annoy each other from not being apart. If you dont have anyone that shares your love of travelling at home, you are sure to meet someone whilst your travelling- we know people that have met each other in a hostel and then decided to plan the rest of their travels together because they wanted to see the same places.


After 6 months together, we parted ways to do our own thing. The main reason was that we wanted to travel New Zealand on different dates and for different lengths of time. Going it alone was scary at first, not having someone to check you were getting the right flight, walking in the right direction to find the hostel etc, but everything works out - there are soo many people to ask if your unsure. Travelling solo means that you have complete control over where you go and what you do so its completely flexible whch is awesome. You also meet loads more people because you will find that alot of people are in the same position as you and travelling alone. If your worried about travelling alone I would suggest starting with a tour. A tour is great because you are with the same group of people for the whole length of the tour and you dont need to worry about the logistics of where your going as thats all taken care of. A tour is also good if your not very good at budgeting, some tours have accommodation, food, travel and activities all included so no need to worry about running out of money. 


When we arrived in Sydney we did the Australia Sydney Intro package. This was 7 days filled with the best things to do in Sydney, the best thing though was that we made some amazing friends. We were given the list of people before we even arrived in Sydney so we able to email and get to know each other before even meeting. We all got on so well that we kept in touch for the 4 months we were in Sydney as most of them were working there like us. Living in Sydney and having such a big friendship group made the experience more enjoyable, especially during christmas and new year.


If your wanting to travel and are still unsure of the best option it doesnt really matter- once you get to your dream destination everything else will just fit into place- you will always have something in common with people you meet - TRAVELLING! Just do it! 

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