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How To Become A Travel Blogger

Let’s be honest, how many of us are craving the life of a travel blogger? Jetting off around the world, capturing incredible photography, visiting all the top travel spots of the globe and generally living life to the full – obviously we’re all pretty jel!

It’s time to ask yourself... what’s stopping you?! Ok, so it takes a lot of work to get 10,000 followers on Instagram and living a life of bagging free trips from all the travel biggies – but who’s to say it’s not possible! You just need to start… whether it’s blogging at the local national trust site, taking a long weekend in the Scottish highlands or finding some cool spots overseas.

Who knows where your blog could lead you, it could one day be your ticket to the globetrotting lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, land you that dream job in travel, writing, photography or anything really. The possibilities are literally endless, and besides, travel blogging is great fun and totally rewarding (we’ve covered the useful portfolio part right?!).


Here are some tips for kick starting your travel blog and setting out on the road to wherever you bloody well want:

* Choose a catchy but relevant NAME

Your blogger name is pretty serious business – it’s got to grab people’s attention but also convey what your blog is about and the style of blogger you are (tough one we know!). Word on the street is that you should try and avoid just using cliché and typical travel words as they’ve been used by everyone else, try and add something unique.

* Grab your SOCIAL MEDIA @handles

Social media is a great way to link people through to your blog and gain fans. Popular channels are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat. Try and sync these channels together for engaged followers. YouTube is a great way to go if you fancy getting into video blogging aka vlogging - you can easily embed these videos on your blog site too.

* Set-up your BLOG or VLOG platforms

In order to blog you need… well firstly a blog. There are loads of blog sites out there so take a look around and find one which ticks all your needs. WordPress is a popular one which we’ve heard nothing but good things about so make sure you check it out.

Once you start get into the swing of things and fancy taking the next step it might be worth looking into hosting your blog on its own domain name, this can be done through web hosting.

* Find yourself a good CAMERA

Travel blogs are all about uncovering amazing locations and giving people an idea and advice on what’s out there. Naturally people love to see these places visually, whether it’s awesome photography or great footage.

Smartphones with good quality cameras are definitely a starting point however if you want to compete with the top dogs then a DSLR camera and some editing software is a great idea.

* Start TRAVELLING to places that interest you

Where you go is entirely up to you… it’s your travel blog and you dictate what locations are covered - go wherever you please, no matter how far or how remote. People are always interested in unfamiliar locations and of course popular destinations so mix it up and see what you like. 

* Put all your AWESOME CONTENT together on the blog

Try and think outside the box when it comes to content, to really stand out as a travel blogger you should have something unique or try to appeal to a specific audience. Pull it all together on your blog and provide snapshots through social media to gain clicks to it.

* Remember to BE YOURSELF and stay original to what you started

This point is all about remembering why you started a travel blog. If your ambition was to write unique content which appealed to certain audience, then stick to your guns and have something a little different. It’s easy to be a bit of a sell out when you’re offered to be sent around the world, but your blog is yours and you call the shots!


Now get out of here y'all, go see the world and capture all the epic memories on your travel blog!

Peace out,
Team Real Gap Experience.

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