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India Footage - Derpid

Is there anyone who hasn't dreamt of travelling India?! With so many star attractions to discover, incredible food on every corner and a super diverse culture, India makes for a killer country to backpack - just watch this footage!

The following videos provide you with stunning visuals across India; starting off in Delhi, visiting the wonder that is the Taj Mahal, hiking in the Himalayas and chilling on the beautiful beaches of Goa.

Before you get stuck into this brilliant footage we have to say a huge thanks to one of our travellers David. Having started his adventures with us in Vietnam he soon setup a YouTube channel called Derpid filled with awesome videography of his travels. If you like what you see below you should check out David's Thailand videos too.


India. A Gem Of The World..

After safely arriving in India, David gets straight to it and heads for New Delhi. In Agra it’s time to check out the spectacular Taj Mahal! After some epic sightseeing the guys volunteer in a local school, ride through the desert on camel back and visit the spiritual city of Udaipur.


The Life Of Chai..

During the second week of his Indian adventures, David ventures to the astonishing and enormous Amber Fort. After taking a tour around this beautiful site, it’s time to check out the city of Jaipur (of course by rickshaw). After a long train journey David final reaches the Himalayas!


Himalayan Heights & Holi Flights!

Continuing on his Himalayan adventures, David has some fun in the sky and once back on two feet decides to check out Kangra Fort along with some Tibetan temples.  David's next stop... Goa, and he's there in time for the Holi festival too!


So there you have it - the low down on what backpacking India is all about (looks pretty sick right?!). For more videos like this check out the Derpid & Real Gap Experience YouTube channels! If you're interested in travelling your way around Asia with us, check out David's Vietnam and Thailand videos too!

Want to know a little more about booking an adventure of a lifetime - speak with one of our travel advisors today, call +44 (0)1273 674220 or Live Chat with us. 

Team Real Gap Experience

*Not all activities included in these videos are part of the Real Gap Experience itinerary. Please see the website for exact inclusions.

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