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Inside the Thailand Experience: What to Take with you

Let's not beat around the bush here - we all like to look good on holiday. If anything we have the hundreds of holiday snaps to take into consideration – they’re going to be splashed all over Facebook! To save your dignity (and your back, as let’s face it- that backpack is going to be HEAVY) we thought we’d dish out our top tips on what to take, and what to ditch off on the Thailand Experience.

The BIG one- what do we pack our stuff in? The backpack vs suitcase debate is something we get asked all the time here at Real Gap HQ, and the Thailand Experience is thankfully one of the trips where you can actually survive pretty well with both options. If you have the option to choose between the two we'd always say backpack (they're SO much easier to transport around!) but if you're more of a suitcase stroller then it'll be no problem at all.

Cut Costs, big time: It'd cost an absolute fortune to top up the wardrobe in Topshop, so our biggest tip is to stock up in the markets in Bangkok. Not only are clothes incredibly cheap but you'll be able to buy loads of layers to change your outfits up, so you won't be wearing the same things in each spot. Bangkok is our first stop on the Thailand Experience too, so you won’t have to wait days to be able to replenish your on-the-go ‘drobe. It also means you’ll have a load of your baggage allowance left over for the way home; result!

Make the little ones smile: During your time away with us you’ll spend a good few days volunteering with children. To make their day bring some small bits with you – tip: they LOVE stickers and colouring books! In the UK these little things are taken for granted, but over in Thailand it’s a different story.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes: Whatever you boys say, we all know you love your Air Maxs (as much as us girls love our heels, are we wrong?). It’s worth taking a few different types of shoes on the trip – flip flops are essential for beach time, as are trainers #templedays. There will be days you have to do a lot of walking, so try not to sandal everywhere, we don’t want any blisters to bust up the trip for you!

Currency: Everything is so much cheaper in Thailand, so when you’re budgeting for the spending money take that into consideration. At the same time if you’re looking to party each night this will add up, so try and take everything into account. Course we provide the accommodation, transport and some meals – so if you want to do it on the cheap, you can!

The Boring Bits: Don’t forget sun cream. After sun. Mosquito repellant. Plasters. Medication (if you’re on any!). Cover all bases; it’s better to be safe than sorry!

There are hundreds of past Thailand Experiencers over on Twitter, so if you have any questions for us drop us a tweet and we’ll not only answer you ourselves (in expert fashion, of course) but we’ll RT to the rest of our community to. Loads of our past travelers will help you out!

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