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Introducing our new RG Bloggers!

Last year, Sophie Parker and Alice Wainwright's worlds were turned upside down when they won a trip RTW with Real Gap. They've been away with us for the past few months combatting the US and Australia, and we thought it was about time we heard the inside scoop on their epic adventures...

The girl's still have a hefty slice of their RTW win to go; they'll be heading off on our Thailand Experience from the middle of March, and then flying onto the stunning South Africa at the end of April. We cannot wait to hear EVERYTHING! Starting off together, the girl's have briefly gone their separate ways to explore Australia in more detail- Sophie's in Melbourne, Alice- Sydney. They've both been all over the shot, and they're sending us blog posts so we can all keep up to date with the best things to do in Australia.

The blog posts from the girl's are going to kick off from today, so look out for them on the RG blog! They'll be blogging under 'Real Gap Blogger'- original (ha); so you'll be able to link through to their special feed over on the right hand side of our page.

Want to find out more about the girls? Watch the video below to see the entry that won them a place on a year long, round the world adventure!


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