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It's not all barbecues and shrimp here!

Hi everyone, we'd thought we'd fill you in on what the food scene is here in Oz. It's not all kangaroo and crocodile, there is some around though! They love sushi here in Australia, and in your local 7/11 (newsagents), you'll find freshly prepared sandwiches, wraps, and sushi rolls, complete with tiny soy sauce fish! It's lovely :-)
As well as sushi, there's lots of Thai and Asian food, which is great if you're looking to stay healthy here.
If you're like me, and looking for something maybe not so healthy, then you're in luck, as there is an abundance of pies! They're everywhere. There's a shop called Pie Face, which has all the favourites, as well as some Aussie classics, including Becky's favourite, Beef, Bacon and Cheese.  You can even upgrade it to a stack, where they add mash, peas and gravy on top. Madness!
Lots of fish and chips around as well, to give you a feeling of home. Make sure you head to the fish market in Prymont Bay for the freshest fish.
The sweet treats are never far away. Ice cream shops to cool you down, including a delicious one called Gellatissmo, and smoothie and fro yo if you're feeling on the healthy side.
However, if you're coming to Australia, make sure you head to Max Brenner, it's a chocolate cafe, with absolutely everything you could ever want! I shared a chocolate pizza, which had bananas, white chocolate drops and marshmallows, heaven!
So don't worry, you're not likely to go hungry here in Australia!.

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