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LA, the place to be!

We love the USA. End of. To celebrate our love for the nation of our dreams, we've put together a crafty little list of our favourite hotspots in Los Angeles:

Santa Monica Pier: Full to the brim with fun and games, arcade attractions and amazing views of the beach and beyond, Santa Monica’s pier is definitely worth a visit whilst you’re in LA. If you're lookign to pick up a cheeky tan too, then this is definitely the place to be!

Getty Museum: The word ‘museum’ would usually bore us all to tears, but the Getty is a sight for sore eyes. With more art exhibits than you could shake a stick at, you’ll be busy looking at the weird and wonderful at the museum for hours- and the plot hosts the best views of the city. Sorted.

Beverley Center: Shopping your forte? Then head over to the Beverley Center, one of the biggest malls in LA. With a Bloomingdales and Macy’s under their belt (along with a trillion other stores) you’re sure to come away with loads of American goodies to take home. Our end, we have the battered wallet to prove it!

Hollywood Sign: It’s worth the snap alone, right? Admittedly it is a little strange seeing the Hollywood sign ‘in person’ (and driving up a hill to get close enough to capture it in all its glory!) but for the bragging rights alone, it’s well worth getting yourself on the case. Imagine the Facebook cover photo possibilities?

Mickey Mouse: Sitting pretty as the original Disney theme park, we reckon it's time to become a kid again by going to Disneyland! Sitting just outside of central LA in Anaheim, not only will you have the chance to feel about five years old again, but you can get your autograph booked signed by the main mouse himself (RESULT).

If you'd like to experience a little bit more of America, our USA Experience is a crackin' place to start! The tour ends in LA too, so you'll have plenty of time to explore the city.


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