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Languages: Simple, serious or scary?


As a part of our Real Gap Experience spooky spectacular, we're talking about things that have scared the pants off of us. In this particular chapter, we're going back to school and putting on our bilingual hats...

We all remember it well. School, lessons, taking a language. Becoming terrified of *said* language. Revising our bums off to achieve a half decent grade in *that* language. Chewing our pen lids to pieces in *those* classes. It felt difficult. We felt intimidated.

But after weeks of after school lessons we mastered a B in our French GCSE (our proudest life achievement to date, may we add...) and now, looking back- we don't actually know why we were so scared after all. Think of all the possibilities: no more croque monsieurs in Paris (it's the only thing we could order!), no more blank expressions when faced with locals, it’s all about what we could do- and who we could talk to. Think of the conversations; think of the banter.

So, how about making a few more mates East or West side and learning a new language to compliment your trip of a lifetime? Not only will it enrich your understanding of *insert here’s* culture, but it’ll compliment your CV too! Result!

Our Spanish courses thrive in South America; you’ll get the opportunity to learn from the locals in Peru, Argentina, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Some of the schools even involve one to one tuition too!

If we learn Spanish too, does that mean we’ll make half a billion friends? ;) *

*Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Maybe impressing locals with your skills will swing you a free drink or two though? If you'd like to impress your mates, have a look at our website to see what course would suit you.


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