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Living in Sydney

 Hi everyone! We thought we'd give you the low down on finding somewhere to live when you make it down under!

If you go with Real Gaps paid work and sydney intro, you get 7 nights accomodation at wake up hostel, which is a really nice hostel in Sydney City centre. As well as this, if you decide to stay longer, then you get a cheaper rate! We actually stayed there for a good few weeks whilst we were deciding what we our next step was. As well as meeting lots of people, it's also in a great location.
If you're planning to stay in Sydney for a longer period of time, and want some more privacy, then is the answer! They've got short term, long term, house sitting, anything and everything! Which means there's some random ones on there, but you can easily weed them ones out to find the good ones.
Becky is currently staying in a room share in a flat in Sydney City centre which she found in gumtree. It's in a great location and as it's a room share it's a lot cheaper! The people she shares with are lovely and it's nice to be only sharing with one person, and not 6!
I'm currently staying in the university of New South Wales student accomodation. As it's the summer holidays, all the rooms are empty and free to use for backpackers! I get my own room and own bathroom until the end of January, perfect! 
Some good websites are:
Hope this helps a little bit!
We'll fill you in on our top sydney sites next, so keep your eyes peeled!

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