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Melbourne's Awesome Art Scene

Hi there, it's Real Gap Experience blogger Sophie here! I've absolutely loved my time in Melbourne, but since I'm now moving on to explore the East Coast, I thought I'd share the arty photos taken by my awesome mates in the city...

Melbourne is known as the 'indie' capital of Aus. Here, they are so conscious about remaining the 'Kings of Cool' that they have a geekish ruthlessness in protecting their hipster image. Coffee is made with syphons, and buskers are note perfect. No finishing touch is too small!

The obsession for artistic perfection stretches to the countless displays of street art found down Melboure's alleyways (and Melbourne has ALOT of alleyways!). These murals sprayed onto the city can transform a blank, greying wall homogenous with so many cities in the world into a colourful metropolisis, injecting another layer of personality into this vibrant city. Even if you have never held a spray can before in your life, you are still encouraged to leave your mark- check out the amazing efforts of three of my friends: Louisianne (French), Jonathan (Canadian) and Eoin (Irish) as they experimented for the first time in an avenue off the hipsters paradise, Brunswick Street. Seriously cool! So grateful that they took me on a little tour around the area too, so cheers guys!


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